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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2035

101751. The exact difference between Greenwhich and Indian standard time is :

101752. Which one of the following is a great circle?

101753. Lakshadweep islands are:

101754. A country staked a territorial claim on North Pole in 2007, by planting a titanium flag :

101755. Which country shares the shortest international boundary with India?

101756. The mountains come into being as a result of vertical earth' movements along cracks:

101757. The upper atmospheric layer is known as:

101758. Identify the order from bottom to top :

101759. Which of the Metropolitan cities of India is nearest the Equator?

101760. Name the layer which makes radio communication possible on the earth.

101761. At the equator the duration of a day is:

101762. On which of the following hill range is the 'Dodabeta' peak situated?

101763. Simlipal Biosphere reserve situated in :

101764. In which part of Himalayas do we find the Karewa formation?

101765. The winter monsoon rises from :

101766. Of the total energy supply of biosphere solar energy comprises :

101767. Equatorial radius of earth :

101768. The one nearest to earth between 8 and 12 km is called :

101769. The geographical area of Kerala is % of the geographical area of India.

101770. What are the lines drawn on charts and maps through points of equal temperature known as?

101771. While travelling from the East to the West and crossing each longitude, how much time is required to be adjusted, backwards and forwards?

101772. Which Indian state is surrounded by a neighbouring country, from three sides?

101773. What is the difference between Indian Standard Time and Greenwich Mean Time?

101774. Nautical mile is a unit of distance used in :

101775. The largest continent is :

101776. The gravitational pull exerted by the earth is maximum at the :

101777. In which layer of atmosphere the ozone layer found ?

101778. The only Tropical Rain Forest in Kerala. It is also called as the cradle of evolution:

101779. Which ocean's name means " Peaceful"?

101780. A fountain of hot water issuing from a hole which extends deep into earth's crust is called:

101781. Sahyadri ranges refer to :

101782. Among the major circles of latitude that mark maps of the earth which one passes through India?

101783. Foot Hills of Himalayas :

101784. Which state has the longest coastline?

101785. Eastern coast of India is known as:

101786. The district in Kerala where black soil is seen most

101787. Which ocean's name means "Peaceful"?

101788. Pearl fishing is done extensively in :

101789. A fountain of hot water issuing from a hole which extends deep into earth's crust is called :

101790. The line beyond which snow never melts is :

101791. Which of the following is not a volumetric glass ware?

101792. Which is the deepest part of Indian Ocean?

101793. The coniferous forests in India occur between the height of :

101794. Name the RBC inclusion body:

101795. Ingredients of Buffy coat:

101796. Amazon. discharge its water into:

101797. The Andes Mountain located in:

101798. Western most state in India:

101799. Gulf Stream Ocean currents located in:

101800. The state that does not share with International boundary:

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