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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2047

102351. In 2005 the Ezhuthachan Award was given to

102352. Phalke Award is given to persons of which field?

102353. Who got Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award in 2003-04?

102354. Who got the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004?

102355. Who was the first Indian to win Nobel Prize?

102356. The film for which Balachandra Menon won the Bharath Award was:

102357. The first winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics is:

102358. Who donated the Ranji Trophy ?

102359. Magsaysay Award is based on the country

102360. Oscar Award 2010 for the best actor was awarded to:

102361. The first Malayalee who got Padmavibhushan:

102362. The Nobel Prize for artificial synthesis of gene was awarded to

102363. Arjuna Award is given for excellence in

102364. Who was the first Indian lady actress to receive the Padma Shri Award

102365. Who was the first to win the Urvasi Award in Malayalam film?

102366. Culture media used to differentiate Lactose fermenting and Non lactose fermenting bacteria

102367. Nobel Prize winner in Literature this year is

102368. Who is the athlete on whom Doctorate degree is confirmed in 2001 ?

102369. A Nobel Prize winner. of English literature, but of Indian origin :

102370. Indias first Nobel Prize was for:

102371. 2001-ല് മികച്ച നടനുള്ള ദേശീയ ചലച്ചിത്ര അവാര്ഡ് നേടിയ നടന് ആരാണ്? [2001-lu mikaccha nadanulla desheeya chalacchithra avaardu nediya nadanu aaraan?]

102372. Dada Sahib Phalke award winner of year 2000 is :

102373. 2008 Muttathu Varkey Award winner :

102374. The first Indian who got Nobel Prize for physics?

102375. The first Indian Women to get Nobel Prize?

102376. The Odakuzhal Award is given in the memory of :

102377. Who among the following has won the Global Diversity Award November 2005?

102378. Oscar award is associated with:

102379. The first Indian to win Nobel Prize was

102380. Arjuna Award is associated with:

102381. Recipient of Ezhuthachan Puraskar 2007 :

102382. Who got Kendra Sahithya Academy Award 2007 in English literature?

102383. Rasul Pookutty won Oscar Award for:

102384. Nehru award winner for international Understanding in the year of 1996?

102385. Rajive Gandhi Khel Ratna award is given in the field of :

102386. Amartya Sen won Nobel Prize for economics in :

102387. Who was the first Indian woman to receive Magsaysay award?

102388. Who became the first Indian to present a Golden Globe Award?

102389. Purple Heart is the name of the:

102390. The third Gallantry award of the Indian Army:

102391. Winston Churchill is British Prime Minister won the Nobel Prize for:

102392. The first woman who received Bharat Ratna

102393. The field in which Einstein won Nobel Prize

102394. Arjuna award is associated with :

102395. The highest award in the field of science in India is :

102396. In 2007, Ezhuthachan award was given to :

102397. Which of the following Malayali writers did not receive the Jnanpith Award?

102398. Who received J.C. Daniel Award - 2004?

102399. Name the person who received Dan David prize given by Tel Aviv University.

102400. Who received Jnanpith Award for 2002?

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