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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2075

103751. The Indian cricketer to score a triple century in Test Cricket

103752. Which Keralite first entered into the final of an Olympic event?

103753. In Kerala, Nehru Trophy is awarded to which sports?

103754. Which is the national game of India?

103755. Sania Mirza is associated with which sports?

103756. Who is Indias highest wicket taker in test cricket?

103757. In which event India got a silver medal in Athens Olympics?

103758. For which team did the cricketer Lance Gibbs, play?

103759. Which tennis star wrote the book, From Fear to Victory?

103760. Of which Olympics were Olly, Syd and Millie, the mascots?

103761. In which of these Olympics did India get a gold in Hockey?

103762. Who is the first Indian woman who won the Olympics medal?

103763. Which country won the ICIC Twenty-20 World Cup Cricket in 2010 ?

103764. The Cricketer who became the brand Ambassador of 'Indigo Nation' is .........

103765. In a cricket match A, B and C together scored 47 runs, B and C together scored 27 runs and A and C together scored 35 runs. Find out individual score of A, B and C respectively.

103766. In a certain code language ALBUM can be written as EPFYQ. How the word CRICKET be written in that code language ?

103767. Which country will host 2015-Cricket Word Cup?

103768. Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding the number of players on each side?

103769. Kabaddi (Kabbadi or Kabadi) is a game most popular in South and South East Asia and a national game of an Asian country which is that country?

103770. Which team won the Santhosh Trophy in 2005?

103771. The average age of a school cricket team is 16.Two members of age 14 and 17 are replaced by other two players of age 16 and 15. What will be the average age of the new team?

103772. Who won Australian Open Women's singles 2010?

103773. India's first female shooting champion to clinch gold at world shooting championship:

103774. Who won 2010 ICC World Twenty/20 Cricket championship?

103775. Thomas cup is associated with:

103776. Which is not associated with the Football?

103777. National game of Russia

103778. Which country did Pakistan defeat by eight wickets to annex the Cherry Blossom Sharja Cup 2003

103779. Which game is associated with Davis Cup?

103780. Who is the first woman to win the Golden Slam of Tennis?

103781. The only Indian Tennis Player who won Olympic medal is:

103782. Sanjay Gandhi Trophy is related to :

103783. The first Indian woman athelete to win gold medal in Asiad?

103784. Which country got medal in mens foot ball in 2008 Olympics?

103785. How many members in a cricket team?

103786. The centenary of Olympic Games was celebrated at :

103787. The venue of common wealth Games 2010 in India :

103788. Koppa America is related to a game. Which is it ?

103789. The first Indian Woman who won a medal in the Olympics?

103790. What makes M.S.Dhoni popular?

103791. Breast Stroke is a term associated with:

103792. What is the Motto of National Games?

103793. Who won the world Chess Championship 2013?

103794. Where was the 2010 winter Olympics held?

103795. Which country hosts World Men Hockey Tournament in 2018?

103796. Who won India's first ever individual Olympic gold medal ?

103797. Who captained the Pakistan side which won the ICC World Twenty 20 championship 2009?

103798. Which city will host the 2012 Olympic Games?

103799. The countries participated in the 2004 Athens Olympics was 201 and India stood in

103800. The father of the moden Olympics

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