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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2081

104051. The number of players in basketball is

104052. Bangladesh's triumph ............. India in cricket was quiet unexpected

104053. The Commonwealth Games 2010 were held in Delhi from October 3 to 14, 2010. Who amongst the following picked up the Game's first gold medal?

104054. The Arjuna Puraskar is given for excellency in which field?

104055. Who among the following won a silver medal at the Athens Olympics in 2004?

104056. Jesse Owens Global Award is given in the field of?

104057. With which game is Dhyan Chand's name associated with?

104058. When did the first Commonwealth Games takes place?

104059. The 2014 Shooting World Championship will be held in

104060. India has won the Under-19 Cricket World Cup, 2012 after defeating ______ in the final.

104061. Who among the following sports personalities was the first to receive Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award?

104062. Dronacharya Awards are given to

104063. The venue of 2012 olympics is:

104064. Gagan Narang, the winner of Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna 2011-2012 is associated with?

104065. Wankhede stadium is situated at:

104066. 'Queen Berry Rules' is the rules associated with

104067. The term 'Tee' is associated with which of the following games?

104068. World Heavy- weight Champion of 2003:

104069. Who is the current FIFA President?

104070. The term Sudden Death is associated with

104071. The interval between two Olympics are...........years

104072. The term extra cover is associated with

104073. How many test centuries did Donald Bradman score in his career

104074. Sultan Azlan Shah tournament relates to which sport item

104075. The primary function of accounting is to:

104076. Who lead the Indian contingent at the London Olympics

104077. Mohanbegan is the oldest ........... club in India

104078. --------provides data about the nature of transactions contained in it.

104079. How many players play on each side in volleyball

104080. The term 'Knock out' is associated with

104081. World Heavy weight Champion of 2003

104082. Lal Bahadur stadium is in

104083. First Indian state to pass a Sports Bill is

104084. First Malayali woman to participate in Olympics was

104085. First Kerala woman to receive Arjuna Award

104086. Gimmy George Indoor Stadium is situated in

104087. Japan won the Women's football World Cup 2011 by defeating

104088. The nationality of Don Bradman

104089. The author of' One Day Wonders'

104090. The first Indian to win Junior French Open

104091. 13. Which of the following trophies is related with the game of ÔÇÿFootballÔÇÖ?

104092. The next Olympics is in ..........

104093. French Open Tennis 2010 Women\'s Champian Francesca Schiavone belongs to..............

104094. When did India win a gold medel in hockey at the olympics last time

104095. Olympics held for the first time in Southern Hemisphere in.......

104096. Twenty - 20 world cup cricket 2010 won by

104097. Who is the Indian Cricketor included in the list of Hall of Fame recently

104098. Who is the President of cricket Board of Pakisthan

104099. Winner of world cup Hockey 2010

104100. The winner of the FIFA World cup football 2010 is.....

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