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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2095

104751. How C Is related to H? I. N is son of H. J is mother of Z. N and Z are cousins. C Is husband of J. 11. L is father of C. A is mother of D. L is married to A. H is wife of D. J is wife of C.

104752. What Is the code of 'shine' in a certain code language? 1. In that code language 'shine was peeled off is written as ' #@9' and 'no paint but shine' Is written as '7 5 #8'. II. In that code language 'try the new shine' is written as '13 # 0' and 'we try the new' is written as '6013'.

104753. Statements : B0=KLDKS Conclusions : I. L D II. BS

104754. Statements : B0=KLDKS Conclusions : 1. 0 D 11. S L

104755. Statements : K LMN 0:TMP Conclusions : I. T K II. P 0

104756. Statements : EF GH l J Conclusions : 1. G E II. J F

104757. Statements: BC= DXEX:ZD Conclusions : I. B E II.Z B

104758. Who among the following is fourth to the right of J?

104759. Who among the following is exactly between L and J?

104760. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way based on the above arrangement and hence form a group. Which one of the following does not belong to that group?

104761. Who among the following is to the immediate left of H?

104762. How many persons are standing exactly between I and 0?

104763. The Immediate neighbours of L are :

104764. Who among the following is third to the left of N?

104765. if the expressions S= T O R and P 0 Z are true. then which of the following is not true?

104766. What will be the height of the third tallest statue?

104767. What will be the height of statue P?

104768. If A means addition (+) B means subtraction (-) C means multiplication (x) and D means (/) what is the value of expression: 6 B12 A 30 C 6 D 3 ?

104769. The ratio of strength of solid to hollow shaft, both having outside diameter D and hollow having inside diameter D/2 in torsion is:

104770. If a sufficient estimator exists it is a function of the _______ estimator.

104771. If Z is a standard normal variate, the proportion of items lying between z=-0.5 and z=-3.0 is

104772. A box contains 12 items out of which 4 are defective. A person selects 6 items from the box. The expected number of defective items out of his selected items is

104773. The distribution for which mode does not exist is

104774. Which significant event occured in 1929?

104775. The coefficient of variation of Poisson distribution with mean 4 is

104776. The characteristic function of Poisson distribution is

104777. The skewness in a binomial distribution will be zero, if

104778. An experiment succeeds twice as often as it fails. The chance that in the next six trials, there shall be atleast four successes is

104779. A probability distribution in which mean is equal to variance is

104780. Find out the mistake in the sentences:?

104781. The height of persons in a country is a random variable of the type

104782. E(Xk)2 is minimum when

104783. Var(2X 3) if Var(X)=1 is

104784. For two random variables X and Y, the relation E(XY)=E(X)E(Y) holds good

104785. If P1 (x) and P2 (x) be the marginal probability functions of two independent discrete random variables X and Y, then their joint probability function P(x,y)=

104786. If P(A/B)=1/4and P( B/A)=1/3,then P(A)/P(B) isequal to

104787. For two events E1 , E2 if P(E1) =1/2 , P(E2)= 1/3 , P(E1 uE2) = 2/3 then P(E1 nE2 ) is equal to

104788. In the simultaneous tossing of two perfect coins, the probability of having atleast one head is

104789. An urn contains 9 balls, two of which are red, three blue and four black. Three balls are drawn at random. The chance that they are of the same colour is

104790. If A and B are two independent events, the probability that both A and B occur is 1/8and the probability that neither of them occurs is 3/8.The probability of the occurrence of A is

104791. A number is chosen at random among the first 120 natural numbers. The probability of the number chosen being a multiple of 5 or 15 is

104792. A single letter is selected at random from the word 'probability'. The probability that it is a vowel is

104793. A coin is tossed three times in succession, the number of sample points in sample space is

104794. The probability of drawing any one spade card from a pack of cards is

104795. In a frequency curve of scores the mode was found to be higher than the mean. This shows that the distribution is

104796. The standard deviation of a distribution is 5. The value of the fourth central moment 4 in order that the distribution be mesokurtic should be

104797. If each of a set of observations of a variable is multiplied by a constant (non-zero) value, the variance of the resultant variable

104798. The mean of 20 observations is 15. On checking it was found that two observations were wrongly copied as 3 and 6. If wrong observations are replaced by correct values 8 and 4, then the correct mean is

104799. what is the proposed common currency of European Union?

104800. The algebraic sum of the deviations of a set of n values from their arithmetic mean is

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