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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2098

104901. Although his work was - and ,he was promoted anyway,simply because he had been with the company longer than any one else

104902. Ritha realised that she had been -in her duties had she been more -the disaster might will have been avoided

104903. Many of the truble and deficiencies in other wise thriving foregin enterprises are -ignored or diminished by the auther of the article in order to -the way in which other business might attempt to imitate them

104904. Many ecologists are concerned that the 'greenhouse effect' is cahnginkg many of the Earths-weather pattern s into -system unable to be accurately forecast by those who study them .

104905. To flog a dead horse

104906. Hand in glove

104907. In the following question choose the altranative which best hexpresses the meaning of the idiom /phrase A hard nut to crack

104908. (1)it being very dark (2)the visitors found it difficulty (3)to locate the switch (4) no error

104909. In the following question some parts of the sentance khave errors .Find out which has error .the number of that part is the answer .If a sentance has no error then the ankswer is (4)

104910. Among the numbers given below which one is mono -digital:

104911. Sales day book shows:

104912. Petty cash book is prepaid under----------system.

104913. Special journal is also called:

104914. Rs.380 received from Roy is credited to his account as Rs.308,this error is called:

104915. Unexpired expenses is a:

104916. Direct expenses are debited in the:

104917. When both the aspects of a transaction are posted in one account,such an entry is called:

104918. The books that record small payment of cash is called:

104919. Sales are equal to:

104920. Source document for purchase returns:

104921. In the case of overdraft,pass book will show a---------balance.

104922. Ordinary repairs debited to machinery account are an error of:

104923. Depreciation is the process of:

104924. ---------is a temporary account opened for making agree the trial balance for the preparation of final accounts.

104925. Similar nature of transactions are grouped into one place is called:

104926. ------is ascertained by preparing trading A/

104927. Written evidence for a payment of cash is called:

104928. Allowance made for prompt payment is called:

104929. Heavy amount spent on advertisement is expenditure

104930. Trading account is a----------account.

104931. Capital expenditure is recorded in:

104932. In sole trader’s balance sheet,assets are arranged in the order of:

104933. One sided errors----------affect the agreement of trial balance.

104934. Drawing account is a----------account

104935. Carriage outward is debited to:

104936. In------------method,depreciation charged in the initial years will be more

104937. The father of financial accounting:

104938. Loss of cash by theft committed by cashier after business hours is a:

104939. According to conservatism,the stock is valued at:

104940. In the following the questions choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word. 1. CORPULENT

104941. AAA stands for:

104942. (solve as per the direction given above).

104943. Goods taken for personal use by proprietor are credited to----------account.

104944. The term’Account Receivable’ includes:

104945. -----is the book of original entry

104946. Trade discount allowed will be:

104947. GAAP stands for:

104948. A petty cash book is aimed to:

104949. The first meeting of the Indian National Congress was held at:

104950. Who among the following is associated with the founding of the Indian National Army(Azad Hind Fouj)?

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