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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2127

106351. (1) All grandmothers cook well. (2) No man is a grandmother. (3) Some men do not cook well. (4) All those who cook well are men. (5) No one who cooks well is a man. (6) All those who cook well are grandmothers. (7) Some men are not grandmothers.

106352. Each question contains six or seven statements followed by four sets of combinations of three. Choose the set in which the statements are logically related. (1) All books are having pages. (2) All kings are having pages. (3) All kings are books. _____________Download from www. .com Powered By (4) Some heavy things are having pages. (5) Some heavy things are books. (6) Some books are heavy. (7) Some heavy things are having pages.

106353. Given set : (246, 257, 358)

106354. Given set : (39, 28, 19)

106355. ‘One Mission, One Identity, One community is the motto of............?

106356. Given set : (10, 14, 17)

106357. In each of the following questions choose the set of numbers from the four alternative sets that is similar to the given set. Given set : (4, 9, 18)

106358. P is 60 m South-East of Q. R is 60 m North-East of Q. Then R is in which direction of P ?

106359. If the following numbers are rewritten by interchanging the digits in tens place and hundreds place and then arranging them in the descending order. What will be the second digit of the newly formed fifth number from your right ? 479, 736, 895, 978, 389, 675

106360. 10 years ago father was seven times as old as his son. 2 years hence twice his age will be equal to five times his son. What is the present age of son?

106361. Ram showed an old man and said his son is my sons uncle. How is the old man related to Ram?

106362. Under a scheme of investment, the rate of interest is 4% and the interest is compounded three-monthly. What will be the amount if a man invests Rs. 2000 for 1 year under this scheme?

106363. If CANDLE is EYPBNC, then FLAMES is?

106364. By how much per cent must a motorist increase his speed in order to reduce by 20%, the time taken to cover a certain distance?

106365. A certain number of two digits is three times the sum of its digits.If 45 be added to it, the digits are reversed. The number is:

106366. If the price of 5 transistors and 2 pen stands is Rs. 810, then whatwill be the price of 7 transistors and 9 pen stands?

106367. An urn contains 9 blue, 7 white and 4 black balls. If 2 balls aredrawn at random, then what is the probability that only one ball is white?

106368. If an amount of Rs. 5,86,700 is distributed equally amongst 25persons, then how much would each person get?

106369. What is 50% of 40% of Rs. 3,450?

106370. A and B are two taps which can fill a tank individually in 10 minutesand 20 minutes respectively. However, there is a leakage at the bottom which can empty a filled tank in 40 minutes. If the tank is empty initially, how much time will both the taps take to fill the tank (leakage is still there) ?

106371. What is the average age of a family of five members, whose ages are42, 49, 56, 63 and 35 years respectively?

106372. Girish started a business investing Rs. 45,000. After 3 months, Vijayjoined him with a capital of Rs. 60,000. After another 6 months, Ankush joined them with a capital of Rs. 90,000. At the end of the year, they made a profit of Rs. 16,500. What is Girishs share of profit ?

106373. If the area of a circle is 75.44 square cm then what is thecircumference of the circle?

106374. If 13 men can complete a piece of work in 36 days, then in how manydays will 18 men complete the same work?

106375. The present ages of Chetna and Shikha are in the ratio of 5 :7respectively. After 7 years, their ages will be in the ratio of 11:14 respectively. What is the difference between their ages?

106376. If the fractions 8/5,7/2,9/5,5/4,4/5 are arranged in descending orderof their values, which one will be fourth?

106377. The length of a rectangular field is thrice its breadth. If the costof cultivating the field at Rs. 367.20 per square meter is Rs. 27,540, then what is the perimeter of the rectangle?

106378. At each corner of a square park with side equal to 40 m, there is aflower bed in the form of a sector of radius 14 m. What is the area of the remaining part of the park?

106379. In how many different ways, can the letters of the word CRISIS bearranged ?

106380. The sum of three consecutive even numbers is 252. What is the sum ofthe smallest and the largest numbers?

106381. What number should replace both the question marks (?) in thefollowing question ? ?/144= 49 /?

106382. What should come in the place of question mark (?) in the numberseries given below? 25, 34, 52,79, 115,?

106383. A shopkeeper purchased 200 bulbs for Rs. 10 each. However, 5 bulbswere fused and had to be thrown away. The remaining were sold at Rs. 12 each. What will be the percentage profit?

106384. Four-fifth of a number is 10 more than two-third of the same number.What is the number?

106385. In a fraction, twice the numerator is two more than the denominator.If 3 is added to the numerator and the denominator each, then the resultant fraction will be 2/3 .What was the original fraction ?

106386. The sum of the digits of a two digit number is 12. If the new numberformed by reversing the digits is greater than the original number by 54, then what will be the original number?

106387. The length of a rectangle exceeds its breadth by 7 ems. If the lengthis decreased by 4 cm. and the breadth is increased by 3 cms., then the area of the new rectangle will be the same as the area of the original rectangle. What will be the perimeter of the original rectangle?

106388. The compound interest on a certain amount for 2 years at the rate of8 p.c.p.a. is Rs.312. What will be the simple interest on the same amount and at the same rate and same time?

106389. In the question below there is a different rule accordinkg to which each of the cell below are filled execpt one .Understand the rule applied and fill in the perticular place so as to complete the puzzle 17 18 19 17 36 01 12 31 ?

106390. In certain code MAN is written as SANM and WORD is written as SORDW. How would SALE be written in the code ?

106391. In a certain code 'JUDICIAL' is written as 'JDUICILA' ,How will 'GLORIOUS' be written ?

106392. Given interchanges : sign x and +and numbers 4 and 2

106393. In the following Question below ,if the given interchanges are made in signs and numbers which one of the four answers choices would be correct ? Given Interchanges :signs + and -and number 8 and 2

106394. A man drove his car 5 km toward Eastward direction.He turned right went for 3 km then he turned West and drove for 1km .How far he is from the starting point ?

106395. A strat and walk towards south,he then turns to his right and walk 5 km then again turn left and walk 3km and then agian turns left and walk 5 km .In which direction is he from his starting point ?

106396. which one of the following is high digestive protein crop ?

106397. which is the altranete crope in Juit growing area?

106398. How many 7 are there such that each has a 7 preceeding it and 7 following if ?

106399. How many 7 are there in the numbers series which are followed by 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 ? 73727475757207072737475767778748273747576777879777273

106400. In each of the following question four pairs of word are given out of which word in three paris are related the same way .Find the pair which is differently related ?

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