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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2197

109851. In real time OS, which is most suitable scheduling scheme

109852. Dirty bit is used to show

109853. Which among following scheduling algorithms give minimum average waiting time

109854. Memory protection is normally done by

109855. Which scheduling policy is best suited for time-sharing operating systems

109856. Belady anamoly occurs in

109857. Disk scheduling includes deciding

109858. Which one is true

109859. If the property of locality of reference is well pronounced in a program

109860. Main function of shared memory is:

109861. The average weight of a newborn in India:

109862. The weight of a uterus in the non pregnant state:

109863. The net maternal weight gain during pregnancy:

109864. The stage of labour which starts from the onset of true labour pain and ends with full dilatation of cervix:

109865. The vaginal discharge for the first fortnight during puerperium

109866. The process by which secondary oocyte is released from the ovary following rupture of a mature Graafian follicle is termed as:

109867. The blood vessel carrying oxygenated blood from placenta to the fetus:

109868. The weight of placenta at term:

109869. The blood group termed as universal donor is:

109870. The normal random blood sugar level is:

109871. Who discovered the bacillus of tuberculosis?

109872. Bacteria that are spherical or oval in shape:

109873. Cross infections occurring in hospitals are called:

109874. A person who harbours the pathogen but has never suffered from the disease caused by the pathogen:

109875. Pathogens cross the placental barrier and infect the fetus in uterus:

109876. The resistance to infections which an individual possesses by virtue of his genetic and constitutional make up:

109877. Which among the following is a permanent method of family planning?

109878. Who declared Temple entry Proclamation in Travancore?

109879. The traditional dance form of Kerala which was recognized by UNESCO:

109880. The last Hindu King who ruled India before the advent of Muslim rule:

109881. ”Mamamkam”is celebrated in Kerala once in every:

109882. The National Movement of India which became popular during the First World War:

109883. Malayalam Era started in which year?

109884. ”Nivarthana Agitation”started in the year:

109885. Nalanda University was established in the reign of:

109886. ’Atingal revolt’was against which of the Foreign Country?

109887. Who lead the First war of Independence in Kanpur?

109888. Two particles are kept at a distance r.The gravitational force between them is proportional to

109889. Hertz is the unit of

109890. Name a metal which does not react with acids?

109891. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation(CPR)is a

109892. A virus that causes cancer

109893. Which hill-tract in India receives the maximum rainfall?

109894. Qualitative data can be graphically represented by using a/an

109895. In a class of 20 boys,the average age is decreased by 2 months when one boy aged 18 years is replaced by a new boy.The age of the new boy is

109896. A number exceeds 20% of itself by The number is

109897. A rectangular field has to be fenced on three sides leaving a side of 20 feet uncovereIf the area of the field is 680 sq.feet,how many feet of fencing will be required?

109898. Paper is manufactured using

109899. The majestic Agra fort was built by the Mughal emperor ,

109900. Indian National Army(INA)was organized by

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