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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2281

114051. In the sentence " I have seldom seen such large prawns" the word seldom means

114052. Which among the following words has most nearly the same meaning of the word Destitute

114053. One who does not believe in God is known as

114054. Choose the word opposite to the word balance

114055. Select the correct meaning of 'to die in harmess'

114056. Use suitable alternative: He seized ......... the opportunity offered to him.?

114057. Give one word for the given phrase- " A decision on which one cannot go back ".

114058. Combine the sentence using "as if " The boy was crying. Someone had beaten him.

114059. Choose the correct sentence from the following

114060. Which of the following sentence is wrong ?

114061. Combine the following sentence using " either -or" Shailu has forgotten to bring her book. Chithu has forgotten to bring her book.

114062. Change the following sentence into passive voice, The teacher said " show me your pen "

114063. Change the following into exclamatory sentence " She is very happy there "

114064. Pick out the word which is nearest in meaning to the key word " ovation"

114065. Change into comparative degree. Mumbai is the biggest city in India.

114066. The word "Martinet" means

114067. Select the correct sentence from the following

114068. Estimate and Estimator are

114069. Find the value of the following.x (x-a)(x-b)(x-c)-(x-z)

114070. India will be the largest economy _____ 2050 _____China and the U.S.(Preposition).

114071. I am the messenger of Indias ancient thoughts world over, _____?(question tag)

114072. Nepalese climber Min Bahadur Sherchan is the oldest man to scale Mt.Everest. (Comparative degree).

114073. Either the Prime Minster or his ministers ________blamed for the 2010 Commonwealth Games Scam. (to be).

114074. Meaning of these foreign words:Modus operandi

114075. Phrasal Verb:To shrug ones shoulders

114076. Use of Homonyms:Bald

114077. Use of Collective noun :Fish

114078. Meaning of two confusable words:Premier/Premiere

114079. Give the Antonym :Hereditary

114080. Give the Synonym :Predict

114081. Use of Prefix and Suffix:Forget

114082. Change the Gender: Goose

114083. Give the Plural form: Sheep

114084. It was not difficult to park the car in front of the theatre.(gerund)

114085. I have never met Osama bin Laden__________do I want to.(neg conjunction).

114086. She ________tomorrow to attend the wedding.(modal verb).

114087. The student leader explained why he had to leave the panel discussion forum.(adverbial of anger).

114088. I met J.K.Rowling __________ they say is the richest person in the world.(Relative clause)

114089. I was happy ________the appointment.(infinitive of accept).

114090. If I had won the lottery, _________ a millionaire. (Conditional).

114091. My aunt gave the baby a beautiful rattle.(Mark the D.O. and Indir.O).

114092. Anamika said, God spared our lives because he wants us to do something meaningful. (Reported Speech)

114093. The minister sought to introduce an amendment to the bill.(Passive).

114094. By age four, Varsha won ______brown belt, ______first degree in Karate.(articles).

114095. Bring out the meaning of the idiom in the following sentence : We shall fight tooth and nail for our rights.

114096. Fill in the blank with suitable preposition : My friends stood ________ me during my difficult times.

114097. In the following sentence, supply a verb in agreement with its subject : Neither food nor water_______ to be found there.

114098. Fill in the blanks using an article : I went to __________ hospital to see my uncle.

114099. Find the other gender of 'horse' :

114100. Complete the following sentence using an appropriate adjective He is the _________ member of the club.

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