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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2547

127351. India launched 20 Satellites at a time in PSLV C 34 in June The satellites of which of these foreign nations were launched along with it?

127352. India amalgamaged in Missile Technology Controle Regime recently.When was MTCR established?

127353. Swachhta Mission was implemented by:

127354. The first Indian footballer to play in the Union of European Football Association(UEFA)European League:

127355. Number of hectares in a square kilometer:

127356. A stone masonry of finely dressed stone laid in cement or lime are known as:

127357. Cooling of molten lava on or inside the earth surface during the volcanic eruption is:

127358. For opening exceeding 5 sqm but not exceeding 3 sqm:

127359. The whole circle bearing of 327o 24’in terms of quadrantal bearing would be:

127360. A bill in the Imperial Legislative Council for compulsory and free primary education was introduced by?

127361. Deep blue colour is imparted to glass by the presence of?

127362. Painting coefficient of flush door is:

127363. An invar tape is made of:

127364. The projecting ornamental course near the top of wall is:

127365. Vicat apparatus is used to determine all the following except:

127366. Density of steel is:

127367. Sum of measured interior angle of a closed traverse,when number of sides of the traverse is n should be:

127368. Bond in which each course comprises of alternate header and stretcher is:

127369. Full strength of concrete is achieved after:

127370. Unit weight of 10 mm dia steel bar is:

127371. Kaziranga,the famous sanctuary of Assam is famous for:

127372. In which of the following states is Tungabhadra project of irrigation?

127373. According to census 2011 the sex ratio in India is:

127374. Which of the following project started to ensure integrated development of children upto 5 years?

127375. The nationalized leader who was killed in a police lathicharge in 1928 was:

127376. The Resolution of Non-cooperation Movement was passed in which special session of Indian National Congress

127377. The Indian National Congress celebrated the Independence Day for the first time on:

127378. Separate electorate for Muslims were first introduced through the following reforms

127379. In which part of the Kerala Oranges are grown?

127380. Kabani one of the east flowing rivers of Kerala flows into:

127381. Vagbhatananda started the Journal for Propagation of Nationalist ideas:

127382. Who formed Nair Samudhaya Bhruthya Jana Sangam in 1914?

127383. Who put forward the famous teachings ‘progress through the education,strengthen through Organisation’?

127384. Who is the author of the work ‘Jathikkummi’?

127385. Who was the founder of ‘Yogakshema Sabha’?

127386. Who is the interim President of Brazil declared ‘South America’s first Olympic Games Open at Rio 2016?

127387. Who is the one of the members of NITI Aayog?

127388. Who is the present Chairman of Kerala Sahitya Akademi?

127389. Who won the men’s singles title in the 2016 Wimbledon Tennis?

127390. Which among the following was not the important works of Mahasweta Devi?

127391. Which type of motor is generally used in a portable drilling machine?

127392. Lead is prepared from the ore of :

127393. Which of the material is used to fix the screw on concrete wall and ceiling?

127394. Insulation resistance is measured in:

127395. In an energy meter the holes on the aluminium disc helps to:

127396. Watt hour meter is classified as a:

127397. Efficiency of a Secondary cell is:

127398. Which class of insulator is Mica?

127399. The slip rings are made of:

127400. The operating temperature of a gas filled lamp is about--------

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