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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2549

127451. The Binary number system has a radix of:

127452. Class Y insulation temperature assigned----------Range

127453. In an inductive load power factor:

127454. Form factor of an Electric Current:

127455. Intermediate switches are used to control:

127456. What is used for making guide holes drilling in metals?

127457. Upto how much voltage is medium?

127458. Nichrome is widely used for:

127459. The resistance of a conductor on increasing the temperature:

127460. The unit for flux density is:

127461. The magnetic potential in a magnetic circuit can be measured in terms of:

127462. Which one of the following capacitors is only suitable for direct voltage?

127463. Which resistor is commonly used for general purpose application?

127464. To solder resistors on a PCB the soldering iron wattage should be:

127465. Intermediate frequency transformers use:

127466. In a DC circuit capacitor acts like a:

127467. Which one of them is not a semi conductor?

127468. The process of adding impurities to a pure semiconductors is known as:

127469. When a germanium diode is connected in forward biased mode the voltage across the diode will be:

127470. The function of a diode can be compared with a:

127471. Try square is used for:

127472. Steel contains 8 to 5% carbon,is known as:

127473. The ability of a material to resist fracture due to high impact load,is called:

127474. The percentage of carbon content in wrought iron is about:

127475. Malleable cast iron is produced:

127476. Melting point of iron is:

127477. Which of the following material would readily fracture,if hit with a hammer?

127478. The temperature at which new grains are formed in a metal is called:

127479. Cyaniding and Nitriding are two methods of:

127480. One pound is equal to:

127481. The peen of the cross peen hammer is:

127482. In low carbon steels,presence of small quantities of sulphur improves

127483. Age-hardening is related with:

127484. Other name of odd-leg caliper is:

127485. One inch is equal to:

127486. Swages is used for:

127487. An angle which is greater than 1800,is called:

127488. White cast iron has:

127489. The operation of making round hole on the metal piece is known as:

127490. A file removes metal during:

127491. The difference between upper and lower limits of a dimension,is called:

127492. A file with 20 teeth per inch is called:

127493. The instrument used to measure higher temperature in furnace:

127494. Steel is made from cast iron by removing all excess:

127495. Zinc is produced from the ore:

127496. Cutting angle of hot chisel is:

127497. Property of material which retain the deformation produced under load permanently:

127498. Carbon content in cast iron varies from:

127499. Point angle of twist drill is:

127500. Property of material which enables to be drawn into wire:

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