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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2551

127551. Which article of the Constitution provides protection to civil servants?

127552. Who suggested the ‘Rolling Plan’for the development of our country?

127553. The Election Commissioner can be removed by:

127554. The “Banchasheel agreement”was signed in July 1954 between India and:

127555. ”Garibe Hatao”was the key slogan of:

127556. When was the Integrated Rural Development Programme introduced in rural areas in India?

127557. The first Indira Gandhi Award for”International Justice and Harmony”was given to:

127558. Who is the Chairman of the Kerala Planning Board?

127559. When was “Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam”formed?

127560. Who wrote the book “Akhilathiruttu”?

127561. Who was the author of the ‘Al-Islam’an Arab-Malayalam monthly published in good old days?

127562. Who is called “Sahityapanchanan”?

127563. ’Indulekha’the novel written by O.Chandu Menon was published in the year:

127564. ’Jatinashinee Sabha’was founded by whom?

127565. Who named Accamma Cheriyan as the “Jhansi of Travancore”?

127566. Name the peasant struggle with which K.Devayani was associated:

127567. Name the first Indian Satellite:

127568. The first effective vaccine against polio was prepared by:

127569. The first Malayalam Cinema Actor who received “Bharat Award”:

127570. ’Arjuna’award is associated with:

127571. Super charging in a diesel engine is also called:

127572. Thermostat valve strate to open above:

127573. The oil pan in an engine is made of:

127574. The rate of doing work is called:

127575. Which one of following is an insulator:

127576. Who amongst the following Acharyas is regarded as having combated the absolute monoism of Sankara in the 12th century?

127577. Which part of the piston is subjected two high pressure and temperature?

127578. Venturi unit and diaphragm unit are the to main parts of the following Governors:

127579. The stroke of an engine is:

127580. The compression ratio in a diesel engine can be as high as:

127581. A 12 V lead acid battery consist of:

127582. The diesel engine usually emits excessive smoke during:

127583. The thermostat valve starts to open at about:

127584. The number of ignition coils a distributorless ignition system for a six cylinder engine is

127585. Oil bath air cleaner is serviced:

127586. Radiator core should be cleaned by:

127587. The minimum graduation of an engineer’s steel rule is:

127588. The Instrument used to measure cylinder bore diameter is:

127589. point are generally made of:

127590. Aluminium cylinder block requires:

127591. In a vernier micrometer,vernier scale is gradated on:

127592. It has to withstand high pressure and temperature piston is made out of”

127593. The crankshaft transmit torque directly to:

127594. Exhaust valve fall angle is generally:

127595. Which one of the following is not unit of pressure?

127596. The unit capacitance is:

127597. One joule is equal to:

127598. Bench vice is normally made of:

127599. Deposit of carbon in the exhaust system:

127600. The boiling point of the coolant is increased in the cooling system which of the following makes it possible to increase the boiling point:

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