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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2561

128051. One table spoon=---------ml

128052. In fowler’s position the patient is placed at an angle of:

128053. The suffix ‘it is’means:

128054. The word’Cardiac’is related to:

128055. Bleeding from the nose is called:

128056. ’Rice water stools’ is specific of:

128057. One kilogram=----------pounds

128058. Vitamin A deficiency can lead to:

128059. Which one is NOT a good source of Vitamin-C?

128060. Which of the following prevent absorption of iron?

128061. Which is NOT a source of iodine?

128062. Weaning should be started by:

128063. Oralthrush is caused by:

128064. Chromosomal abnormality in downs syndrome:

128065. How many cranial nerves originate within the brain?

128066. Which one of the following is NOT a method of composting?

128067. Which one is NOT a physical method of sterillisation?

128068. A drug that is given sublingually for heart attack:

128069. Drug used against worms:

128070. Drugs that relieve pain are called:

128071. Instrument used to measure blood pressure is called:

128072. Inflamation of stomach is called

128073. Which Vitamin is preserved during parboiling of rice?

128074. Gout is the hereditary disease resulting from the defective metabolism of:

128075. Child helpline number:

128076. Strength of normal saline is:

128077. Normal blood pressure is:

128078. The word ‘osteo’ is related to:

128079. The stoppage of breathing is called:

128080. Stool of new borns is called:

128081. Antitussives are given for:

128082. Which of the following signs suggest that the circulation to the distal extremity is affected after a bandage is applied to an extremity?

128083. Haemoglobin estimation can be done by:

128084. Shakir’s tape is used to measure

128085. In the hot test for urine sugar the yellowish colour change represents:

128086. Which of the following disease is NOT transmitted by a vector?

128087. Kead chromate powder is used as an adulterant in:

128088. The temperature at which milk is kept holder method of pasteurization is:

128089. The second dose of 2 lakhs international units of Vitamin A is given at:

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