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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2560

128001. Who said the first World war was being fought to make the world safe for democracy?

128002. A book has 60 pages printed on both sides of the paper. Arun notices that the pages from 10 to 25 are eaten by termite. How many pages of the book are remained?

128003. Organ in our body that produces the largest quantity of enzyme?

128004. I saw him come out of the house (Change into passive)?

128005. CDs are which shape?

128006. Narasimhan report relates to the restructuring of?

128007. Names of sixteen Mahajanapadas were found in?

128008. After the June 3rd plan of Lord Mountbatten, The Constituent Assembly of pakistan me at?

128009. Malachite is an ore of?

128010. Which of the following spectrum lies between microwave and visible region?

128011. What kind of memory is both static and non-volatile?

128012. The first Muslim invaston of India was led by?

128013. When was CENTO terminated?

128014. Healing of wounds is hastened by vitamin?

128015. The toxic element present in automobile exhausts is?

128016. You should abstain ......... violence.?

128017. Mahatma Gandhi gave the call ‘Do or Die’ during the?

128018. They will not come here tomorrow, .........?

128019. The Ajanta paintings depict scenes from the?

128020. Non-Cooperation Movement was passed in which session of Indian National Congress?

128021. Use appropriate tag: 'I must finish this report' he said. (change in to reported speech)?

128022. Who built the 'Tower of Victory' in the Chittore fort?

128023. Nationalisation of Suez canal was done by?

128024. Primary Memory stores?

128025. The port of Pakistan is .........?

128026. Which is the biggest fruit?

128027. The reform movement among the Muslims started by Sir Sayed Ahmadkhan is known as ------ Movement?

128028. Choose the correct word which very closely fits each definition. Murder of one’s father is called .........-..........?

128029. The instrument used to measure alternating current?

128030. The bitter or sharp taste of unripe fruits is due to high concentrations of?

128031. Study about Horse?

128032. Which of the following resources was not visualised for the financing of the Ninth Five Year Plan?

128033. Judges of the Supreme Court are appointed on the recommendation of?

128034. Fill up the blanks from the choicesgiven: A good many passengers......... stranded on their way.?

128035. The minimum effect of Direct Taxes is on?

128036. Rousseau, Voltaire and Montesque caused the great ......... with their writings?

128037. The most populous district in Kerala is?

128038. Sasthra Ramanujan Award was instituted by........?

128039. Sree Narayana Guru was a?

128040. Who is the winner of Dadha Saheb Phalke Award from Malayalam Film?

128041. ‘Wonder that was India’ is the famous book written by?

128042. In the Sangam age, Uraiyur was important for?

128043. A triangular piece of land formed by the deposition of mud and silt near the mouth of a river is called?

128044. Which of the following is a term related with scanner?

128045. Fundamental Rights in the Indian Constitution have been taken from the?

128046. Which of the following was facilitated the greater interaction between Europeans and Arabs?

128047. All the following literary works are traditionally ascribed to personages who lived in the Maurya period, except?

128048. For the eradication of the evil of untouchability the Anti-Untouchability League was set up by?

128049. Sanctuaries are set up to:?

128050. Which of these is a correct plural form?

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