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135801. De-sizing is a -----process

135802. --------is an universal bleaching agent

135803. Squeegee is used in------------printing

135804. The main constituent of cotton fiber is

135805. Indigo belongs to---class of dyes.

135806. The bleaching of cotton is done to remove

135807. Degumming is done on

135808. --------are used to link the shapes to the main stencil,while cutting a perfect circle or a complete outline on a stencil

135809. To increase the washing fastness of cotton dyed with direct dyes it is after treated with

135810. Knowles balance is used to determine

135811. The function of the crank in the crank shaft of the loom is to perform

135812. The picking tappet of a power loom is fixed on

135813. For a straight draft lifting plan will be same as

135814. Cotton dyed with direct dyes are topped with basic dyes to improve the

135815. ---------dye is called as ice colours.

135816. For the application of basic dyes on cotton this process is essential

135817. Profilm method is one of the method used to develop------for printing

135818. The function of doctor blade in roller printing is to

135819. The least size of ordinary honey comb weave is on ------threads

135820. The class of dyes which are formed from to components usually referred to as naphthols and bases

135821. An example for a water insoluble dye is -----dyes

135822. The function of common salt in the dye bath of direct dyes on cotton is

135823. Cork screw weaves are produced by rearranging threads of a regular---weave

135824. The treatment that follows printing are termed

135825. The transverse group of threads running from one selvedge to the other in a cloth is termed

135826. An example for a bast fiber is

135827. The coarsest yarn given is

135828. Flyer is employed in------machine

135829. This is the process of twisting together two or more silk filaments into a single yarn

135830. Reactive dyes containing two chlorine atoms in the chlorotriazine ring are termed as------reactive dyes

135831. Clip stenter is a --------machine

135832. The main constituent of wool fibre is

135833. ------is used as a mordant for dyeing cotton with basic dyes

135834. The staple length of cotton fiber will be in the range of------inches

135835. This is a yarn producing machine

135836. The botanical name of cotton plant is

135837. Acid dyes are mainly applied on

135838. Cotton dyed with sulphur black are tendered because of the presence of------on dyed goods

135839. A 5% shade means

135840. ---------is one of the secondary motions of the loom

135841. The total volume of liquor to be used for dyeing 25 kg of material with an M:L ratio of 1:20 is----

135842. Loom speed is 300 rpm then the picks/minute is-------

135843. Gum Arabic used as a----in the printing paste

135844. Commercial sodium hypochlorite solution generally contain----%of available chlorine.

135845. ----------is an after treatment for printed cloth

135846. An example for a natural protein fiber is

135847. The lea tester is used to determine-----of yarn

135848. The pH of peroxide bleaching is

135849. Anti-shrink finish is given by

135850. 20 kg of cloth has to be dyed with 2% shade the amount of dye stuff to be taken is

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