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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2741

137051. The Railway budjet 2013-2014 has proposed to introduce a new hyper luxury class to be ca

137052. Who is the first chairperson of Vanitha commission in Kerala?

137053. Name the Hindi film actor who got Dada Saheb Phalke Award in 2013:

137054. Name the Indian cricketer who scored the fastest test cricket century in first match:

137055. Who is the winner of prestigious Jnanapith award in 2012?

137056. The Government of India adopted Ashoka Chakra as the state emblem on:

137057. Name the socio-reformer known as ‘Vidyasagar of South India’:

137058. Who founded Am Admi Party?

137059. The U.N.has declared 2013 as the international year of”

137060. Speleology is the study of:

137061. Which one among the following is the fastest Indian super-computer recently developed by ISRO?

137062. The university which presents MM Gani Award for best college teachers in Kerala:

137063. The World Books Day,April 23 is the birthday of:

137064. Who founded the reform movement ‘Samatwa Samaj’?

137065. The champions of Santhosh –Trophy Football Tournament held in 2013:

137066. Which of the following monument is the oldest?

137067. The Asian country which issued a postal stamp in memory of Sri Narayana Guru in 2007:

137068. Which one is the correct step of command in the following steps of command to open ‘Mail Merge’?

137069. What is the file extension of MS Word 2003?

137070. What is the shortcut key for ‘Redo’?

137071. What is the Colour of Jasmine flower?

137072. What is the default maximum ‘Font Size’in the Word 2003?

137073. We can change a ‘Text Direction’by clicking?

137074. We cannot get the numbers of the following from Word Count option?

137075. Mail Merge option is used to merge documents

137076. One of the following is not an example of DTP software:

137077. What is the full form of DTP?

137078. Default number of columns when we insert a table :

137079. What will happen when we press’Ctrl+Backspace’?

137080. We can set gutter position in the side of a page in a document in Word

137081. One of the following keyboards is not included in the different types of typewriter keyboards?

137082. Which is the master key in English Typewriter?

137083. How many types of tensions are in a typewriter?

137084. One of the following is not an example of ribbon movement?

137085. What is true in the case of’dead key’?

137086. The capital letter ‘D’ denotes which of the following number?

137087. Which is the following line space is used for typing a legal document ?

137088. Which of the following are correct in the case of Guide keys in the Malayalam typewriter?

137089. One of the following tensions is not correct in the case of typewriter:

137090. Leave spaces from left margin for starting a paragraph:

137091. If the ‘To’address of business letter starts with ‘Messrs’the saluation is:

137092. The word ‘Honourable’will type before:

137093. Leave space after typing ‘colon’.

137094. How many types of ribbons are used in the typewriters?

137095. The name of pen used to sign in the stencil paper is:

137096. What is the use of ‘Paper side Guide’?

137097. How many scroll bars in the Microsoft Office window?

137098. Which one of the following office productivity tools is not included in the Microsoft Office?

137099. One of the following functions is not included in the Word Processing Functions:

137100. Default Top Margin of a word document in Word 2003”

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