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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2780

139001. Hindustan Socialist Republican Association (HSRA)leader achieved martyrdom after a long epic fast:

139002. De salination of sea water is carried out by:

139003. Artificial rain is caused by:

139004. Ziegler Natta catalyst is an organometallic compound of the metal:

139005. Vulcanised rubber is a/an:

139006. The foul smelling product formed when alcoholic KOH react with chloroform and aniline is:

139007. Viral proteins called interferons helping innate immunity are classified under:

139008. If a cross is made between haemophilic man and normal woman chance of the progeny in the subsequent generation is nil:

139009. The ancestral man who uses hides to protect themselves and buried dead ones as per evolution studies:

139010. The ampere-second is a unit of:

139011. If mass of body is M on the surface of earth then the mass of the same body on the moon surface is:

139012. Electron microscope use electron for their which property:

139013. The energy band gap is maximum in:

139014. In Bryophyllum plants,the units of vegetative propagation is:

139015. The branch of Botany deals with the study of pollengrains is called:

139016. The father of biotechnology:

139017. Which day of the following is celebrated as world environment day?

139018. The maintenance of hives of honey bees for the production of honey is called:

139019. Which among the following disease is not due to Aedes mosquitoes?

139020. First foetal movement felt by the mother is:

139021. False harmful written report is called:

139022. Maternal,blood serum is examined for alpha feto-proteins to detect:

139023. What is the normal pH of blood?

139024. Population covered by an Anganwadi worker is:

139025. Hypokalemia is suspected when a client has serum potassium level falls below:

139026. Which patient is at risk for metabolic acidosis?

139027. Which of the following is the function of sodium in the body?

139028. Fear of high places is called:

139029. Constant presence of a disease within a geographic area:

139030. Which among the following medicines is used for the pharmacologic closure of patent ductus arteriosus?

139031. The suture line between two parietal bones is called:

139032. Wilms turnor is associated with:

139033. The most common complication of Tuberculous meningitis is:

139034. Person who is kind,quiet,submissive,sympathetic and gloomy has:

139035. Guillain-barre’syndrome is manifested with:

139036. Bryant’s traction is indicated in:

139037. Which of the following methods in health communication helps to perform a skill?

139038. Salk vaccine is given for the prevention of:

139039. Which is the most common cancer associated with AIDS?

139040. Bleeding due to the premature separation of a normally situated placenta is called:

139041. A patient can become toxic on a normal dose of digitalis when----------is present.

139042. If the activities done by the people are repeated by a patient,it is called?

139043. The most important cause of diarrhea in infants and children is:

139044. Bagassosis is caused by inhalation of:

139045. Normal PR interval in ECG is:

139046. The antidote to warfarin is:

139047. What is the normal CSF pressure when the individual is lying on his side?

139048. Immunization of DPT should be administered by:

139049. Which among the following drugs is used in the treatment of alcohol dependence?

139050. Insertion of a needle in to the pleural cavity is:

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