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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2782

139101. Who is the exponent of White Revolution in India?

139102. The headquarters of Kerala State Co-operative Rubber Marketing Federation:

139103. NAFED is engaged in export of

139104. Interstate trade is carried on by

139105. The Primary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Societies give to members.

139106. Which Commission recommended that all co-operative societies should make provisions for the education of their members and employees?

139107. National Centre For Cooperative Education is situated at

139108. Generally the Kerala State Agricultural and Rural Development Bank Issue

139109. The most important source form which the Kerala State Co-operative Bank gets finance:

139110. The Minister for Cooperation in Kerala is

139111. In Kerala Cooperative Propaganda is carried out mainly through

139112. Supersession means:

139113. Generally the audit fee is payable within of receipt of audit report.

139114. Kerala State Cooperative Societies Act was passed in

139115. Who was the minister for cooperation at the time of passing------------KCS Act?

139116. Is the essence of management.

139117. One among the following is not an associate of FW Taylor inscintific management

139118. Who is the Father of Process Management School?

139119. Which one of the following is not a feature of MBO?

139120. The following one is not a feature of decision making:

139121. Is a graphical method of identifying alternative actions,estimating probabilities and identifying the resulting expected payoff.

139122. Is the quality of behavior of individuals whereby they guide people or others activities in organizing effort.

139123. Name the prosposers of the Path Goal Theory of Leadership:

139124. The latest approach to management which integrates the various approaches to management is:

139125. In India Lead Bank Schemes are operated by the :

139126. Which one of the following is not an instrument of credit control in the banking system?

139127. ATM Services become free of cost with effect from:

139128. Reserve Bank of India was established in:

139129. The commercial banks in India are governed by:

139130. The RBI in order to control credit:

139131. Traveller’s cheques are issued by:

139132. A statutory reserve is a compulsory reserve kept under Banking Regulation Act as per Section:

139133. Schedule No:4 in Banking Companies is meant for:

139134. Human Resource needs can be estimated by examining past trends in:

139135. Input to the selection process include all except:

139136. A process by which participants provide their ideas on a stated problem during a free group discussion is called-------

139137. As a step in selection process Reference Checks include:

139138. Which is the following statement(S)is/are correct?

139139. Human resource management emphasises:

139140. The main feature of Internship training is

139141. Performance appraisal relates to:

139142. Employee morale relates to:

139143. Valuing the stock in trade at net realizable value or cost price whichever is lower ,is an example of convention:

139144. The accounting equation is based on

139145. One of the fundamental accounting assumption is:

139146. Closing capitals of A,B and C were Rs.50,000,Rs.45,000 and Rs.30,000 respectively.Their drawings during the year were Rs.10,000,Rs.5,000 and Rs.12,000 respectively.Amount of net profit earned during the year was Rs.18,000 which was distributed in the ratio of 3:2:1 Opening capital of C will be:

139147. Rs.25,000 spent on the overhauling of machines purchased second hand is:

139148. It average stock is Rupee 20,Closing stock is Rupee 40,000 were more than opening stock,then the value of closing stock will be:

139149. Which error cannot be revealed on the preparation of trial balance?

139150. If sales are Rupee 2,000 and the rate of gross profit on cost of goods sold is 25?/0,then the cost of goods sold will be:

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