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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2812

140601. Antigenic preparation made from extra cellular toxins:

140602. Enzyme which is used in the treatment of leukaemia:

140603. One tea spoon full is

140604. A drug consist,in full or in whole or in part,of any filthy,putrid or decomposed substance:

140605. Standards of disinfectant fluid comes under:

140606. Which vitamin is known as antisterility factor?

140607. Sodium chloride injection IP contains:

140608. An opaque covering agent used in bleaches:

140609. Which one of the following dryer is known as Lyophiliser?

140610. Autoclaving of ampoules in a dye bath as:

140611. High count of WBC’s is an indication of:

140612. Example of an antioxidant:

140613. Isotonic vehicle used to prepare ophthalmic solution:

140614. Repeated administration of drug results in cell receptor blockage.This is known as:

140615. Sterilization by autoclaving:

140616. Keller-Killiani test is the identification test for:

140617. THC is a constituent found in the plant:

140618. Which is the highly perfused organ in the body?

140619. Diatomaceous earth is the other name of:

140620. Cotton consists ox epidermal trichomes of species:

140621. The working principle of hammer mill:

140622. Partial or complete removal of top or bottom of a tablet is known as:

140623. Mother clove is an adulterant of:

140624. Tablets are designed to exert local effect in throat:

140625. A plant drug which lowers blood pressure:

140626. The minimum required area to open a retail drug store is:

140627. Enteric coated tablets are designed to release medicament in:

140628. Dryer used for the production of milk powder:

140629. Vapaside is an insecticide which is formulated from:

140630. Jesult’s bark is the synonym of:

140631. Renin a proteolytic enzyme which is produced in:

140632. An example of potassium sparing diuretics:

140633. Alkylating agent used as antineoplastic drug:

140634. Abrasive agent used in dentifrices:

140635. First line agent used in Tuberculosis

140636. Reagent used for the identification of cellulose:

140637. Drug used in uterine inertia:

140638. Drug used in ulcerative colitis:

140639. Drug that act by lowering the plasma LDL level:

140640. Other name of regenerated cellulose:

140641. An example of rapidly acting anticoagulant:

140642. Water soluble constituent of Ergot:

140643. Yeast is the richest source of:

140644. Drug used to test gastric acid secreation:

140645. Shick test is performed to test the degree of immunity against:

140646. Example of ultra short acting barbiturates:

140647. Rasping method is used to prepare:

140648. Chemical name of plaster of paris:

140649. Which one of the following is a beta-lactamase inhibitor?

140650. Oxytocin is the hormone released from:

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