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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2824

141201. The word hilarious means:

141202. The dog is in its:

141203. It is a-----------------to meet you

141204. Everybody is happy---------?

141205. Mr.Balan Nair with his family ---------attending the party

141206. The patient ---------before the doctor arrived

141207. The Minister-------------the prizes in the annual day

141208. He has been sleeping----------morning

141209. This is Nandan-----------real name in Chandrasekhar

141210. The students as well as the teacher -----------reading

141211. Malini is not so ----------as Salini

141212. Anu-----the library twice in a week

141213. The mother told the child that she----------her school the next day

141214. A and B are travelling from one point by different trains in opposite directions.The speed of A’s train is 45 Km.hr and that of B’s train 35 Km/hr.How far away with A be from B after 4hrs.

141215. In certain code STUDENT is written as UVWFGPV,how would TEACHER be written in the same code?

141216. Arun earns Rs.90 in 7 hours and Varun Rs.120 in 11 hours.The ration of their earnings is

141217. The diagonal of a rectangle is 10 cm and one of its sides is 6 cm.It area is-

141218. A number consists of two digits.The digits in the ten’s place is 2 times of the digit in the unit’s place.If 36 is substracted from the number,the digits are reverseThe number is

141219. A sum of money doubles itseld in 5 years.The number of years,it would trebles itself is

141220. The salaries of Raju and Ramu together amount to Rs.12,Raju spents 85% of his salary and Ramu 75% of his.If now the savings are the same,What is Ramu’s salary?

141221. The average salary of a group of unskilled workers is Rs.20,000 and that of a group of skilled workers is Rs.30,If the combined salary is Rs.23,then what is the percentage of skilled workers?

141222. There are 4000 literates in a village.45 % read Newspaper A and 65% read Newspaper 25% read neither A nor How many persons read both the newspapers?

141223. A train moving with uniform speed passed a bridge of length 2000 metres in 2 ½ minutes.It took ½ minutes to pass a telephone post.What is the length of the train in metres?

141224. If the sum of the squares of 3 consecutive natural numbers is 149,then the sum of these 3 number is

141225. The ratio between the radius and height of a circular one of volume 314 cm (cube) is 5:Its height is

141226. The average age of 17 players is When a new player is included in the squad,the average age became What is the age of the player included

141227. A person saved Rs.9760 in 8 years,In each year after the first year,he saved Rs.200 more than he did in the proceeding year.The amount of money he saved in the first year was

141228. There are 3 numbers .The product of the first and the second is The product of second and the third is The product of the first and the third is Find the numbers

141229. Geethu purchased 12 pencils and 8 pens for Rs.Neethu purchased 5 pencils and 10 pens for Rs.105,From the same trader,at the same rate,What is the price of one pencil?

141230. Which is the least number,when it is divided by 7,13 and 28,the reminder becomes 6?

141231. Find the missing number in the series 357,180,91,46,-----------11

141232. Two students fought a college election.The winning student got 58% of the total votes and won the election by 196 votes only.What is the total number of votes polled?

141233. Find the incorrect statement with respect to duration of houses of Parliament:

141234. What should come in place of the question mark(?)1523 2/191/59=?

141235. Rs.33,630 is divided amongst Ravi,Ashok and Prakash such that the amount of Ravi:amount of Ashok=3:7 and the amount of Ashok:amount of Prakash=6:The money received by Ashok is:

141236. Sheaf

141237. Who wrote the book”The annihilation of caste”?

141238. ’Self respect is a most vital factor in life.Without it man is a mere cipher’.Who said this?

141239. Which among the following mountain peaks is the highest?

141240. Which of the following is NOT TRUE of Indias national flag?

141241. Which was the first political occasion when ‘Vande Mataram’was sung?

141242. Which of the following is TRUE of Indian Standard Time?

141243. On May 11,2000 India’s population was estimated to have reached:

141244. How many mother tongues are spoken in India?

141245. Some incidents in India’s freedom movement are arranged chronologically in the options below,which of them is correct?

141246. Which of the following is NOT True of the constitution of India?

141247. What is a group of owis called?

141248. Which is India Post’s web site?

141249. ’Who among the following is given the credit of establishing the modern postal system in India?

141250. Expand the abbreviations G.P.O

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