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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2846

142301. In a certain code”RISE”is written as’8419’,and “MEAL”is written as’5927’.How is “RAIL”written in that code?

142302. There are five books A,B,C,D and E placed on a table.If A is placed below E,C is placed above D,B is placed below A and D is placed above E,then which of the following books touch the surface of the table?

142303. 668/167 cr 284=

142304. The ratio of roses and lilies in a garden is 3:2 respectively.The average number of roses and lilies is What is the number of lilies is What is the number of lilies in the garden?

142305. In a certain language THEN is coded as VFCL,how is WORD written in that code?

142306. The average of first 50 natural numbers is

142307. Today is Tuesday.After 62 days it will be

142308. The given 2 words in capital letters have some relation with each other .Pick up a pair of words from below which has similar relationship EYE:NOSE

142309. Joju starts from his home;He goes 6 km west.Then he turns left and goes 8 km.In which direction is he from the starting point?

142310. A and B are young ones of If C is the father of A,but B is not the son of C,how are B and C related?

142311. Complete the series 1,2,3,5,8,12,?

142312. What would be the area of a circle whose circumference is 22 cms?

142313. Pooja earned a profit of 40% on selling an article for Rs.8,What was the cost price of the article?

142314. Rahul ranks 7th from the top and 28th from the bottom in a class.How many students are there in his class?

142315. If in a language TABLE is called CHAIR,CHAIR is called COT,COT is called POT and POT is called TABLE.When does the person sit in that language?

142316. Ajayan left home for office 15 minutes earlier than usual.It takes 10 minutes to reach office.He reached office at 8:40 am.What time does he usually leave home for office?

142317. Fill in the blank.BDF,CFI,DHI,----------

142318. Who is the sole authority to issue currency in India?

142319. The present number of states in the Indian Union.

142320. ’Mangalyan’ is the common name for

142321. The biggest natural satellite in the solar system is:

142322. Which country has the largest written constitution in the world?

142323. World Environment Day is celebrated on

142324. The full form of UNO is

142325. The most populated district in Kerala

142326. 70% of working population of India is engaged in

142327. Which of the following is not a term related to a WORD document in a computer?

142328. Which district in Kerala is known as the “Venice of the East”?

142329. The Vitamin that is absorbed by the body through exposure to sunlight is

142330. The first 3D cinema in Malayalam is

142331. Who is the author of the Malayalam novel,Aarachar?

142332. Which of the following is not a computer operating system?

142333. How many members are there in SAARC?

142334. Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the UNO on

142335. The first woman High Court Judges of India

142336. The International Court of Justice sites in

142337. Agha Khan Cup is associated with the game of

142338. The registration of a Co-operative Society is done as per Section----------of KCS Act.

142339. The Registration Certificate of a Co-operative Society is done as per Section------of KCS Act

142340. The application for registration is submitted by

142341. After obtaining registration a society start functioning within

142342. The RCS is defined in Section---------of KCS Act

142343. A Co-operative Society is defined in Section------------of KCS Act.

142344. The president and office bearers of the society shall be elected within --------days from the date of election

142345. Arbitration in Co-operative Society is done as per Section -----------of KCS Act.

142346. Special General Body Meeting is held as per Section----------of KCS Act.

142347. Amalgamation and division of Co-Operative Societies is done by Section -------------of KCS Act.

142348. The share suspense a/c should be deposited in the financial bank within ----------days

142349. In a Co-operative Society the audit fees levied by-------of KCS Act.

142350. If a member acts against the interest of a society ,he can be expelled by

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