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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2855

142751. A child in your class always tries to attribute his failure to other children or materials ,what kind of defence mechanism does he use?

142752. Which of the following is true of learning?

142753. Forgetting can be explained as

142754. The COTPA prohibits sale of cigarette or any other tobacco product within a radius of----------of any educational institution,

142755. To make teachers accountable,they should be given

142756. A student of your class is being ridiculed by his classmates because he gives foolish answers to all questions.What would you do?

142757. The ‘Institutional planning’means that

142758. A person can enjoy teaching as a profession when he

142759. Which type of school administration will help to promote national integration?

142760. If a teacher is not able to answer the question of a pupil in the class he should

142761. If a really creative child is ignored in the classroom,it would result in

142762. The basic idea of democratic society is

142763. A child wants respect and recognition in the class in order to satisfy his

142764. Assume that a student is given a list of correlated words to study and is asked to recall the words at a later time.Then according to Guilford’s structure of intellect model,the content of the test is

142765. Integrative reconciliation is a step in the theory of

142766. The personality of teachers influence the personality of students through a process of

142767. Causes for individual differences among the learners are

142768. What is guidance?

142769. ’Ego’ acts on the principle of

142770. According to Erik Erickson,the socio emotional stage of development in adolescence involves developing a sense of

142771. In Pavloc’s experiment with dog,the food was the

142772. The famous quotation “Learning is learning to learn”is by

142773. The term’syntax’ is associated with

142774. Online learning does not have much scope for

142775. Education is in the

142776. ’A lamp cannot light another unless it continues to burn in its own flame’are the words of

142777. Chairman of Revised National Policy of Education Committee was

142778. Which of the following works as a powerful barrier against vertical mobility in India?

142779. Culture in its proper sense is

142780. Who among the following favoured’the development of senses’ as aim of education?

142781. The concrete operational stage is one of the development stages given by

142782. Advanced organizer promotes

142783. Computer Viruses are

142784. Micro teaching is one of the trends in education insisting on

142785. A statement that a researcher inserts in his thesis which he believes to be a fact,but cannot verify is termed as

142786. Every individual has an equal chance of being selected by the method of

142787. The best way for teaching values is

142788. Those attributes of a person that serve moral functioning but are not moral are called

142789. Hierarchy of values implies

142790. The repeated use of electronic communication to harass or frighten someone is

142791. The type of educational technology which has its origin in behavioural sciences

142792. ’Graphics ‘suits well for

142793. Cause-effect relationship between variables is studied through

142794. Standard deviation is calculated from the deviation of each score from

142795. When a group of individuals is studied over a long span of time,it is known as

142796. Tje observable and measurable behavioural change is called

142797. The most salient function of formative evaluation is to

142798. An assessment system that covers all aspects of student’s development and behavioural outcome refers to

142799. ’Criticism of data’ is related to

142800. The Rorschach Inkblot test is used to assess

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