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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2880

144001. GUI refers to:

144002. Computers use the --------number system to store data and perform calculations.

144003. Spim is:

144004. The first generation computers used-------------for circuitry.

144005. A byte consists of how many bits?

144006. If 4 taps can fill a tank in 10 hours.Then how many hours can 6 taps fill the same tank?

144007. A and B together can do a piece of work in 12 days and A alone can complete the work in 18 days.How long will B alone take to complete the job?

144008. A garden is 90 m long and 75m broaA path 5 m wide is to be built outside around it.Find the area of the path:

144009. Which of the following numbers is divisible by 33?

144010. H.F of 36 and 264 is:

144011. In how many years will a sum of money triple itself the rate of interest being 10%?

144012. Manu’s age is 6 times Binu’s age.15 years hence Manu will be 3 times as old as Binu.Find Binu’s age:

144013. Find the time taken by a 180 m long train running at 54 km/hr to cross a man standing on a platform:

144014. What number should be substracted from each of the numbers 23,30,57 and 78 so that the remainders are in proportion?

144015. If y-x/x=3/8 Find y:x:

144016. ’Flower’is related to Petal in the same way as’Book’is related to:

144017. Find the missing numbers in this series:2,6,18,54,-,486,1458

144018. Find out the missing letter:B,E,H,K,N,-----

144019. If ‘A’is in the north of B and C is in the west of In what direction is A with respect to C?

144020. If EDUCATION is coded as NOITACUDE,then REDFORT will be coded as:

144021. Find out the pair which is different from the other given pairs:

144022. Find the odd one among these:

144023. If HOBBY is coded as IOBY and LOBBY is coded as MOBY then,BOBBY is coded as:

144024. If I=9 YOU=61 then WE=---

144025. The transformer works on which principle:

144026. Which is the most effective test to determine AIDS?

144027. Minamata disease is due to:

144028. An alloy used in making heating elements for electric heating device is:

144029. Phenomenon behind the formation of rainbow:

144030. What is the name of the pigment which helps animal to see in dim light?

144031. What is oil of vitriol?

144032. What is manufactured using Bessemer process?

144033. A person suffering from bleeding gum need in his food:

144034. Which fossil organism is usually regarded as the connecting link between birds and reptiles?

144035. Which of the following work won the ‘Odakkuzhal Award’to S.Joseph?

144036. Who got the ‘Dr.Sukumar Azhikode Thatwamsi Endowment’ for this year?

144037. Present Jnanpeed winner Raghuveer Chaudhari is a popular writer in ----language

144038. Recently dead Mufti Muhammed Sayyid was the Chief Minister of-------- state

144039. Who scored 1009 runs in one innings,in the Bhandari Trophy under-16 Inter School Cricket?

144040. ’Miss World’,Miriya Lalguna Roso belongs to which of the following country?

144041. Who among the following was appointed as CEO of NITIAYOG?

144042. World’s largest Bird statue is built in Jatayu Nature Park.In which place of Kerala,it is built?

144043. Which is the tree generally grown for forestation?

144044. Who was the first martyr in First Indian Independence War 1857?

144045. Who was the Chairman of Nehru Committee Report?

144046. What is a Republic?

144047. What is the official name of India?

144048. Which was the first linguistic state in Independent India?

144049. In which river Bhakra-Nangal Dam is situated?

144050. What is the total length of NH49(Kochi to Dhanushkodi)?

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