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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2882

144101. Aryasidhanta chandrika was published

144102. Meaning of the Spansih word,Elnino?

144103. Which grama panchayat of Kerala was awarded the Nari Sakthi award?

144104. Schiaparelli is an expedition mission on------

144105. Adhar bill was passed by Loksabha on-------

144106. Which nation hosted the T20 World Cup Cricket 2016?

144107. Name the author of the book History of Sanskrit in India

144108. The leader of Yachana Yatra

144109. Pandit Karuppan started-------

144110. The publishing house Islamia was started

144111. In which year Sahodara Prastanam was founded?

144112. The Monsoon which brings rain in Kerala during the period October----November is------

144113. The chief editor of Swadeshabhimani was------

144114. P.Pal,famous scientist related to--------

144115. The theme of World Water Day,2016

144116. Who started Free India Centre in Germany?

144117. Which mountain range is known as Sahyadri?

144118. PTB Prosthesis is indicated in

144119. Muenster Prosthesis

144120. Above knee prosthesis has a

144121. Craig Scott Orthosis is fitted with

144122. Metatarsal bar is fitted in

144123. Genu recurvatum may get relief with

144124. Solid AFo is indicated in

144125. Othotic knee joint for Genu Recurvatum is

144126. Reciprocal gail orthoses may be indicated in patient with

144127. Klenzack joint is

144128. Chariston Bending Brace is indicated in

144129. MEralgia paresthetica is involvement of

144130. An example of three post collar is

144131. Chairback Orthosis

144132. Knight Taylor’s Brace is

144133. SACH Foot is:

144134. Boston Brace is

144135. Minerva Orthosis

144136. Parpodium is useful for children suffering from

144137. Trilateral Orthosis is situated in

144138. Pavlik Harness is indicated in

144139. The Thoracic band of Chairback Orthosis is placed

144140. Talipes shoe

144141. Denis Brown Splint is indicated in

144142. Syme’s Prosthes is

144143. Chopart’s amputation is

144144. Forequarter amputation is

144145. Whip during stance phase is

144146. Risser’s sign is to be seen while prescribing

144147. Energy expenditure in BK amputee compared to AK Amputee is always

144148. Suction Socket Prothesis may be given in

144149. Reciprocating Gait Orthosis is a

144150. The Medial wall of Quadrilateral Socket is

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