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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2883

144151. Jewett Brace is

144152. A keyphosis is best treated by

144153. Milwaukee Brace is

144154. In Floor Reaction Orthosis,the footplate of AFO is

144155. Knee joint is a

144156. Toe Raising device is indicated in

144157. Phantom pain is observed following

144158. Translumbar Amputee needs

144159. Stubbies are indicated in

144160. Siris Silver Ring is indicated in

144161. Boutonnier’s deformity may be seen in

144162. Mallet Finger is

144163. Knuckle bender splint is indicated in

144164. Frejka Pillow is indicated in

144165. In Myo-Electric Prothesis surface electrode is placed in

144166. Krukenberg amputation is

144167. The site for commonest limb amputation is

144168. Dorrance Hook is

144169. Cerebral palsy is

144170. Poliomyelitis is

144171. Angle in Scoliotic Curve is best measured by

144172. Vannini-Rizzoli Stabilizing Boots has anterior strap

144173. In Stump Bandaging,the maximum pressure is at the

144174. Boots with raised heel is indicated in

144175. Lisfranc’s Amputation is through

144176. Abduction gait while walking with lower limb bracing is

144177. Energy storing foot

144178. A large toe box is given in

144179. The part of shoe absent in CTEV boot is

144180. The Orthosis given in De-Quervain’s disease is

144181. Hyper extension of MCP joints and flexion of IP joints is referred as:

144182. An aeroplane splint keeps shoulder

144183. Swivel Orthosis is indicated in

144184. An airplane splint is

144185. Which Spinal Brace is useful in Scoliosis?

144186. Which Brace is given to restrict cervical spinal movement?

144187. Full Name of SACH Foot is

144188. A Brace is prescribed in which stage of Polio?

144189. Posterior stop in AFO limits

144190. In Legg-Calve-Perthes disease,the hip is kept in

144191. Klenzack joint should not be used

144192. Bowderl Control Cable is seen in

144193. Above elbow prosthesis is fitted with

144194. Reciprocating Galt Orthosis provides

144195. The stump should be bandaged for

144196. Common prosthetic gait deviations in amputee are all except

144197. Flexible below elbow hinges are best suited in

144198. The first staff reading is taken after the level is setup is called

144199. In coastal region minimum grade of concrete for RCC as per IS 456-2000:

144200. The number of plastic hinges necessary to convert a beam fixed at one end and propped at other end is:

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