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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2884

144201. The bitumen grade 80/100 indicates:

144202. The maximum limit of super elevation for plain terrain as per IRC recommendations is:

144203. A simply supported beam carries a working live load of 5 kN/m and dead load is 5 kN/m.The design load for limit state of collapse is:

144204. Standard EDTA solution is used to determine:

144205. For a bar of diameter ‘d’ the anchor age value of hook is:

144206. The ability of material to absorb large amount of energy is:

144207. The unit in which both sedimentation and digestion process of sludge take place simultaneously is:

144208. In the theory of plastic bending of beams,the ratio of plastic moment to yield moment is:

144209. Camber on highway pavement is provided to take care of:

144210. Fine aggregate confirming of which zone is not recommended for making reinforced concreate:

144211. The quantity of Gypsum added in cement varies from 2 to 3% will depend upon the quantity of:

144212. Strain Energy per unit volume is called:

144213. Bond between steel and concrete ensures:

144214. Rapid curing cutback bitumen is produced by lending bitumen with:

144215. The relationship between the length(I)and radius(r)of an ideal transition curve is given by:

144216. The minimum dissolved oxygen content(ppm)in a river necessary for the survival of aquatic life is:

144217. Spire test is used for adjustment of:

144218. The ratio of shear stress to shear strain is constant within elastic limit is called

144219. In trigonometric leveling,combined correction is:

144220. The increase in metacentric height:

144221. What is the angle between two plane mirrors of an optical square?

144222. Characteristic compressive strength of concrete is:

144223. Distances are measured with instruments that rely on propagation,reflection and subsequent reception of either radio,visible light or infra red waves by:

144224. Coagulation-flocculation with alum is performed:

144225. Three point problem can be solved by:

144226. The mass production of railway sleepers can be done with:

144227. A pre-stressed concrete beam is loaded with two point loads.The profile of cable is laid based on the load balancing concept,the shape of profile is:

144228. For a station to be free of local attraction:

144229. Closed contours with higher value inside represent a:

144230. Consistency index for a clayey soil is[Liquid limit=LL,Plastic limit=PL,Plasticity index=PI and natural water content=WJ:

144231. In a cantilever beam,if the length is doubled while keeping the cross section and the concentrated load acting at the free end is same,the deflection at the free end will increase by:

144232. In leveling height of instrument is:

144233. Roof truss is provided when the span is:

144234. A 10 cm theodolite means that:

144235. A column of length L,one end fixed,at other end lateral displacement and partial rotation.The effective length of column is:

144236. The expected life of cement concrete floor is taken as:

144237. The boundaries between the pavement and shoulder or foot paths are called:

144238. Vertical windows built on sloping sides of a pitched roof:

144239. If 20 m arc length is the basis for the degree of curve then radius of curve is:

144240. A pin jointed plane frame with’n’ number of member and ‘j’number of joints will be stable:

144241. The permissible shear stress in concrete for beams without shear reinforcement depends upon:

144242. The minimum grade of concrete used for post-tensioning system is:

144243. A thin cylindrical vessel of internal diameter’d’ and thickness ‘t’ subjected to fluid pressure’p’ longitudinal stress is:

144244. Reciprocal leveling eliminates the effect of:

144245. Pile caps are used on a group of piles to:

144246. According to IS 456-2000,maximum compressive stress in concrete for design purpose is taken as:

144247. The relative density of a soil having maximum dry density rd(max)=2 minimum dry density 2 and normal density is 6:

144248. If the uniformity coefficient Cu=9 and coefficient of curvature Cc=1 for a soil then D30/D10 for the soil is:

144249. The whole circle bearings of line AB and BC and 60015’ and 150030’.What is the included angle ABC between the lines AB and BC:

144250. The distance from two point on a photographic point to the principal line are 24 mm to left and 48 mm to the right.The angle between the two points measured with a transit theodolite is 44030’.Focal length of the lens is equal to:

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