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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 295

14751. An agreement comes into existence by the process of offer by one party and it’s ---------------acceptance by the party

14752. An act constituting consideration must have been done at the desire or request of the :

14753. When a person is compelled to enter into a contract by the use of force by the other party or under a threat is called:

14754. A contract to do or not to do something if some event collateral to such contract does or does not happen is called

14755. Monitary compensation allowed to the injured party by the court for the loss or injury suffered by him by the breach of a contract is called:

14756. A contract by which one party promises to save from loss caused to him by the conduct of the promisor himself or by the conduct of any other person is”

14757. The right of a person to retain possession of some goods belonging to another until some debt or claim of the person in possession is satisfied is called:

14758. Under a contract of sale,the transfer of the property in the goods is to take place at a future time is a:

14759. A prospectus which does not have details of either price or number of shares being offered or the amount of issue is called:

14760. If a company borrows money beyond it’s express or Implied powers,the borrowing is-------------- the company and is void

14761. The year in which payment of Bonus Act was passed in India?

14762. Export import Bank of India was setup in 1982 as a wholly owned undertaking of the :

14763. Balance Sheet is a statement of the financial position of a concern:

14764. Which of the following is not a profitability ratio?

14765. The term funds means-----------in cash flow analysis

14766. When fixed cost is Rs. 20,000 and profit volume ratio is 25 percent,then break even point will be:

14767. Management Information system relates to:

14768. A and B are partners sharing the profit in the proportion of 7:The admit C by giving 1/5th share in the profit.The newprofit sharing ratio of A,B and C is:

14769. Allotment of shares on pro-rata means:

14770. Naked debentures are:

14771. Bonus shares are issued to the equity shareholders:

14772. Elton Mayo was the father of:

14773. The term permanent working capital and core current assets are:

14774. The main object of providing depreciation on fixed asset:

14775. Which of the following is not a cash inflow?

14776. Table’A’ of Companies Act 1956 gives:

14777. Under which one of the following methods of depreciation is the amount of the assets reduced to zero:

14778. Right’s shares are the shares that are offered to the:

14779. In the absence of any contract,capital profit arising on dissolution of a partnership firm is credited to the partner’s capital account:

14780. Which of the stock brocker expects the price of securities to be decline in the near future?

14781. Average clause in a fire policy is inserted inorder to check mainly:

14782. The gilt edged market refers to the market for:

14783. Setting the mission which emphasis objectives,policies and aims in an organization is known as:

14784. Proxy is appointed by a share holder to:

14785. Grapevine is:

14786. The chief advantage of committee organization is:

14787. -------------discount is a price reduction given to the buyers who promptly pay their bills.

14788. Marginal revenue will be zero if the elasticity of demand is:

14789. Boom period is represented by:

14790. The-----------philosophy of co-operation looks upon it as a means of redistribution of income and wealth by elimination conflict

14791. In India before independence co-operative movement was:

14792. Which one of the following is not one of the economic benefits of co-operation?

14793. Abat system of Co-operation prevails among:

14794. The first Co-operative Societies Act was passed in India in the year:

14795. In which mode communication is bi-directional?

14796. Objects with the same structure and behavior belongs to a:

14797. In Software design which one is used for specifying functional requirements?

14798. The possible cardinality ratio for binary relationship types is:

14799. The central part of Linux operating system is:

14800. Which of the following is not a software quality model?

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