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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2968

148401. The first meeting of the Constituent Assemblyof India was in the year:

148402. In which Olympics an Indian woman got a medal?

148403. Arundhathy Roy got Booker Prize for the year:

148404. The most powerful organ of UNO:

148405. Doctor ’s day (July 1) is observed on the birth day of:

148406. Who said this ‘To err is human and to forgiveis divine”?

148407. The Mauryan emperor who embraced Buddhism and became its greatest patron:

148408. Who founded the city of Siri?

148409. The most famous ruler of Gupta dynasty:

148410. Captial of Kanishka was:

148411. Who wrote ‘Arthasastra’?

148412. Who was known as ‘Lady with the lamp’?

148413. Antonio Agostinho Neto led the freedom movement in:

148414. The US president who was elected unopposed:

148415. The last king of Sunga dynasty:

148416. Father of White Revolution in India:

148417. Who was called ‘Gurudev’?

148418. The first Chinese pilgrim to visit India:

148419. Lingaraja temple is in:

148420. Ruins of ancient Buddhist university can be seen at:

148421. Agra is on the banks of:

148422. The largest cave temple in India:

148423. The largest island in the world:

148424. Which is known as ‘Blue Mountains’?

148425. Abdul Rahman Tunku was the first prime minister of:

148426. Abraham Lincoln was the ...... th president of USA:

148427. Hitler was born in:

148428. Aesop, the author of Aesop’s Fables was a/an...... author.

148429. The famous Arab historian who visited India along with thearmies of Mahmud of Ghazni:

148430. Albuquerque conqueredGoa in:

148431. Alexander the Great was the king of:

148432. Alexander Grahambell invented:

148433. A.Dante, the famousItalian poet , wrote:

148434. Alexander Fleming discovered:

148435. Einstein got Nobel Prize in:

148436. Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativitywas published in:

148437. Who discovered Principles of Buoyancy?

148438. The first European to sail round Cape of Good Hope:

148439. Who created the charecter ‘Oliver Twist’?

148440. Who invented Pendulum Clock?

148441. Who authored ‘Descent of Man’ in 1871?

148442. Columbus, the first modern European to discover Americas in1492, was born in:

148443. Chou En Lai who signed in Panch Sheel agreement withJawaharlal Nehru, was the prime minister of:

148444. Cleopatra was the queen of:

148445. The first US president to visit India:

148446. Who wrote ‘A Passage to India’?

148447. Who developed small pox vaccine?

148448. Epicurus, who founded the Epicureanphilosophy, was a/an philisopher.

148449. Hysterectomy is the surgical removal of:

148450. ‘Black flag’ is the symbol of:

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