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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2985

149251. Select the word with correct spelling:

149252. ‘Crush’ means:

149253. ‘To read between the lines’ means:

149254. The thief jumped ……. the compound wall.

149255. My purse has been missing ……. yesterday.

149256. ‘Fable’ means:

149257. She was so badly injured that she needed …… care in thehospital.

149258. Good teachers usually ……. bright pupils in their studies.

149259. All differences between nations and persons ……. amicably.

149260. MALADY means:

149261. Each of the students……. done well.

149262. I hurt ……..

149263. A person who treats mental diseases is called:

149264. When the father retired , the son …….. the business.

149265. He shouted …. her at the top of his voice but she did nothear and went on:

149266. ‘Still water’ means:

149267. Children below the age of 12 can be tried only by the ……court.

149268. You would look better if :

149269. …….. December 2004 there were many natural calamities.

149270. Mr. Basu soon ……. himself as a great parliamentarian.

149271. The man is …… enough to help the needy.

149272. The nation ……. every man to do his duty:

149273. The comparative of ‘Young’:

149274. There is ….. hourly bus from here to the capital:

149275. You don’t love your wife, …….?

149276. Every morning father …… the dog for a walk.

149277. The opposite of ‘Detrimental’ is:

149278. He …….. , if you had called him:

149279. Which country is not the part of Indian subcontinent?

149280. The Oldest rocks in India:

149281. Ahmedabad is in the banks of:

149282. The Simhachalam Temple is dedicated to:

149283. “ Unity and Discipline’ is the motto of:

149284. Which is the largest state owned bank in India?

149285. Territorial Army was raised in:

149286. Lalith Kala Academy was established in:

149287. The largest agro based industry in India:

149288. Biju Patnaik airport is at:

149289. The most important type of soil in India:

149290. The system of ombudsman was originated in:

149291. Playground of Europe:

149292. Riksdag is the parliament of:

149293. Which is not correctly matched?

149294. General Franco was the dictator of :

149295. The only planet withthe name of female Roman mythological charecter:

149296. Excretory organ of Amoeba:

149297. Blood of Snail is ...... in colour:

149298. The tendency of plants to grow towards the direction ofgravitational force:

149299. Wax is soluble in:

149300. Acid contained in onion:

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