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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3072

153601. Fill in the blanks with correct reported speech - Rani asked the girl _____?

153602. 'Dies non' means,?

153603. Add suitable tag : Let’s play Tennis, --------?

153604. Last year he –---------- the SSLC Examination with distinction.?

153605. A synonym for 'barren' is :?

153606. By the time the doctor came the patient:?

153607. Mrs.Nalini ____ her children to be truthful?

153608. A child whose father is dead:?

153609. He takes an aversion to ––––– tea.?

153610. If you ------ him he would have furnished the correct information.?

153611. The synonym of ‘Plethora' is _____?

153612. He took revenge his foes.?

153613. The corporation is spending a lot of money to the city.?

153614. The match .......... this morning?

153615. Take an umbrella with you lest it ......... rain.?

153616. I have never known so wet _____ summer.?

153617. The science of meanings and effects of words is called.?

153618. He isn't in London now because he...........to India.?

153619. The word nearest in meaning to the word endeavour is :?

153620. The message .................. be sent only if his father dies?

153621. A person chosen to settle the issue between parties engaged in a dispute is ____?

153622. One who knows everything :?

153623. I have been waiting.............4 o'clock.?

153624. Don't sleep late and miss the bus', said Mr.Varma (Choose the correct reported speech)?

153625. “Ab intifio“ means ___?

153626. Nobody but________was present?

153627. A hater of women?

153628. She said that her husband ................ her a gold necklace.?

153629. ‘A bridge was being built by them’. The active voice of the sentence is:?

153630. ‘Combat’ means?

153631. Our neighbors have been living here _____ 1996?

153632. You can trust her. She ___ not cheat you?

153633. There will be no rain ------ atleast an hour.?

153634. ‘to show white feathers’ means-?

153635. We don’t get –––––– rain here.?

153636. For all her reticence and modesty, it was clear that she was a ______ expert in her field.?

153637. The past participle of 'lie' is?

153638. He spends hours looking ------- birds.?

153639. I can't —----------------- your rudeness anymore.?

153640. Write the synonyms of the following words? Serious?

153641. When I saw________ in the mirror, I was horrified. There was red paint on my nose!?

153642. One of his two sons Reghu is the ______?

153643. The passive form of ‘He issued the orders’ is :?

153644. The tiger is one of the ____ animal.?

153645. The umbrella is _____?

153646. Latha read the story, .......... she?

153647. Are you afraid ___ him?

153648. We have a holiday _______ Christmas.?

153649. The Prime Minister winds up the Srilankan visit. Here 'winds up' means:?

153650. This is my last year at...........school.?

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