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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3077

153851. If I had time, I _____ the exhibition.?

153852. Choose the correctly spelt word :?

153853. A place where nuns stay?

153854. Add suitable question tag. Mohan returned from England ------?

153855. She had a passion ____ dance.?

153856. Raju is a veteran in this field but his brother is only a?

153857. Select a word similar in meaning to ASSIMILATE?

153858. We............be millionairs one day.?

153859. ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ means?

153860. The phrase ‘magnum opus’ means :?

153861. I........... all the rooms before left the house.?

153862. _____ the Panchayath President nor the members attended the meeting.?

153863. ‘Put off’ means?

153864. Choose the correct preposition I have not acquainted............. him?

153865. If you'd written earlier; I'd have known when you..........to go on holiday.?

153866. "How old is she now?" "She..........in 1905.?

153867. It wasn’t an old car ...................?

153868. The noun form of assume is?

153869. I have played...........piano since I was eight years old.?

153870. What ____ an apple fall?

153871. In which part of the sentence is the mistake...?

153872. She perfers to watch movies..............make her cry.?

153873. Write the plural form of the compound word 'son-in-law’:?

153874. You should speak to children ............ gentleness and kindness?

153875. You can see all the information ------ the screen.?

153876. Please look............. this word in the dictionary.?

153877. I came .... my grandfather’s photograph in an old magazine.?

153878. If you invite her .......... (Complete the sentence)?

153879. Human life –––––– by medicine.?

153880. The officer asked the clerk to _________ the file carefully.?

153881. He is _________ honest man.?

153882. 'Mother wit’ means:?

153883. Find the synonym of BLUNDER?

153884. "Where is my umbrella?" she asked (change into indirect)?

153885. Put the right question tag: I met him a year ago, ------?

153886. The synonym for ‘drown’ is:?

153887. The word 'affluent' means?

153888. It looks ......... it is going to rain.?

153889. Ajith and Sujith are friends. The former is very stout, the ----- is very slim.?

153890. We ________ early in the morning and set out on our journey.?

153891. You should start for the station immediately; otherwise you ........ the train?

153892. Rajesh secured first rank in the exam. He --------- very hard.?

153893. Choose the correct one word for the quoted part : He is in debts because of his ‘habit of spending money wastefully’.?

153894. My sister is proficient ------- English?

153895. The correctly spelt word is?

153896. All the candidates ______ the list have reported.?

153897. If you had been more polite,?

153898. _____ person who died yesterday was a heart patient.?

153899. How long have ___ here?

153900. He was informed _____ the serious condition of his father.?

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