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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3079

153951. I have not methin since I ___ college?

153952. When I reached there, everybody ____ .?

153953. ‘Get the better of’ means?

153954. Maya kept ........ about her college days.?

153955. Choose the correct one word One who doesn’t make mistakes?

153956. For the past few years, rains ____ few and far between.?

153957. My uncle and my guardian ............. me to go abroad for further studies.?

153958. The idiom "A white elephant" means _____?

153959. Choose the apt word showing the meaning of the italicized word in the sentence? The angry students took stones and threw violently at the police.?

153960. Write the passive of John asked Mary; “Did you come yesterday”?

153961. "Don't play at night' is a/an ___ sentence?

153962. The passive voice of the sentence - "Some one has locked the room" is :?

153963. Calcutta University is older than .................. universities in India.?

153964. My views are in accordance with_________of yours.?

153965. Use the correct question tag: I am a teacher, ---------?

153966. An ------- teacher is liked by all?

153967. Which word is synonymous to “recollect”?

153968. Fill in the blanks using proper question tag. Don’t ill treat all others________?

153969. The lift has.............?

153970. The chief guest ------ the prizes to the winners.?

153971. His actions are :?

153972. The reported speech of "He said, I have done my home work” is :?

153973. He did not eat the cake; she did not eat it ______?

153974. Neither of them _____ the answer.?

153975. 'All that _____ is not gold'?

153976. If my father were there _____?

153977. The opposite of optimistic?

153978. Please ask..................?

153979. The girl ------ her father last year.?

153980. Henry arrived..........station at 9 O' clock.?

153981. The passive voice of: They have made this house of bricks and lime.?

153982. This job is similar -------- my old one.?

153983. Talking disrespectfully of sacred things is called ------.?

153984. If I have enough money I .......... buy a car?

153985. He would not have written this if he –––––– the news.?

153986. She would have prepared the notes if she ----- arrived in time.?

153987. If he had consulted a doctor................?

153988. I _____ the examination, but my brother failed.?

153989. “Irrevocable” means?

153990. The police are on the ............... for the runaway prisoner?

153991. Inscription on a gravestone is called?

153992. The girl is very ................ for her age.?

153993. Is there ____ hospital in your village?

153994. She is — always going to meetings and organizing parties.?

153995. The word which has the same meaning of ‘prominence’ is :?

153996. Swarna, together with her team mates, ............... a formidable opponent on the basket ball court.?

153997. The past tense of ‘begin’?

153998. ‘Time and tide' means:?

153999. Choose the word correctly spelt?

154000. ‘A bolt from the blue’ means?

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