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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3152

157601. The order of appearance of the following with increasing temperature during the refining of crude oil is?

157602. Ascaris is found in …..?

157603. Internal energy of a perfect gas is independent of?

157604. When yellow light is incident on a surface no electrons are emitted while green light can emit. If the red light is incident on the surface then?

157605. Which of the following are cold blooded animal?

157606. Palaeobotany is the branch of botany is which we study about–?

157607. A pendulum clock is set to give correct time at the sea level. This clock is moved to a hill station at an altitude of 2500m above the sea level. In order to keep correct time on the hill station, the length of the pendulum?

157608. Ohmic conductor among the following is _____.?

157609. Among the given nutrients. Milk is a poor source of –?

157610. Paraldehyde is used as?

157611. Transition metals mostly are?

157612. Which of the following elements does not show variable oxidation states?

157613. Who is known as father of Zoology –?

157614. Fungi which grow on cow dung are called?

157615. Best quality steel is manufactured by using?

157616. Bacteria which convert atmospheric nitrogen into nitrogenous compound are called?

157617. When body is accelerated?

157618. Earthworm is called farmer’s friend cause ……?

157619. Which one among the following fuels is used in gas welding?

157620. Beryl is an important mineral of?

157621. Yellow cake an item of smuggling across border is?

157622. Binomial nomenclature was introduced by?

157623. The enzymes are killed?

157624. Yeast, used in making bread is a?

157625. Growth of the baby in the uterus is found using______.?

157626. Light year is measurement of?

157627. One Kilo Calorie heat will be equal to_____.?

157628. In which among the following is alternating current not used?

157629. The ratio of the inertial mass to gravitational mass is equal to?

157630. Pheretima posthuma is scientific name of which of the following ….?

157631. Chlorine acts as a bleaching agent only in the presence of?

157632. An important ore of Mg is?

157633. Basic unit of classification is?

157634. Chalcopyrite is an ore of?

157635. Mode of transmission of heat in which heat carried by a moving particles is?

157636. Which one of the following is not a result of surface tension?

157637. Which of the following is known as master gland in man?

157638. Paraffin wax contractson solidification the melting point of wax?

157639. The kilowatt is a unit to measure?

157640. Energy Stored in the choke oil in the form of?

157641. Silver is present in?

157642. Azolla is a?

157643. Galvanometer can be converted into a voltmeter by using?

157644. Which one of the following substances does not have a melting point?

157645. If the earths were to skin faster, acceleration due to gravity at the poles?

157646. Smallest organism which cause disease?

157647. Statement which is true about bacteria?

157648. The electron affinity of chlorine is highest than that of fluorine due to?

157649. The pigment found in the blood of earhworm ….?

157650. Which of the following is used in thermometers?

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