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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3155

157751. Bernoulli’s theorem is based on the conversation is?

157752. Einstein got the Nobel prize for?

157753. Endocrine glands are also known as?

157754. Curie is the unit of:?

157755. The temperature of the sun is measured with?

157756. In which type of coal percentage of carbon is the highest?

157757. Branch of biology wchich deals with study of heredity and variation?

157758. Function of Leghaemoglobin in nitrogen fixation?

157759. At dew point RH is?

157760. The catalysis used in Ziegler process of polyethylene manufacture?

157761. Light from the laser is________.?

157762. Ether show isomerism with?

157763. The removal of gangue from the ore is collect?

157764. On which of the following principles does a rocket work?

157765. The Great Barrier Reef is?

157766. A large tank having a small hole at the bottom is filled with water to a height h. if the stream of water coming out of the hole is directed vertically upwards it will?

157767. Wood used in making cricking cricket bats is got from?

157768. A biological catalysis is essentially?

157769. Largest Organ in human body is?

157770. Most of hydrocarbons from petroleum are obtained by?

157771. Gas thermometers are more sensitive than the liquid thermometers because the gases?

157772. An amount of heat required to raise the temperature of a body through 1 K is called its?

157773. Salicylic acid is used?

157774. Adipic acid is a?

157775. The formation of colloid from suspension is?

157776. Two satellite are moving in the same circular orbit around the earth they must have the same?

157777. Secretion from endocrine gland is called?

157778. A deep sea diver may hurt ear drum during diving because of?

157779. Only one part of moon can be seen from earth because____.?

157780. When Light enters from air to water then its?

157781. The virus which attack the bacterial cell are called?

157782. with the rise of temperature the surface tension of a liquid?

157783. Smoke is an example of?

157784. An ice cube is floating on the surface of water: How will the water level be affected by melting of this ice cube?

157785. Number of Spinal nerve is?

157786. PH value of human blood is?

157787. Branch of biology in which we study about cultivation of flowering plant–?

157788. Blisters are formed more rapidly by the steam of boiling water in comparision to boiling water itself because ________.?

157789. The device used to measure very high temperature is?

157790. In a hydel station the motion produced in turbines is due to the?

157791. Which of the following acids is present in vinegar?

157792. Temperature can be expressed as derived quantity in terms of any of the following?

157793. Decibel is the unit of?

157794. Which among the following quantities is scalar?

157795. Phycology is the branch of botany in which we study about–?

157796. A photo sensitive material would emit electrons, if excited by photons beyond a threshold. To overcome the threshold, one would increase?

157797. What does protein deficiency in the children usually between the age of 1 to 3 years cause??

157798. Which of the following is a homogeneous system?

157799. The young’s modulus for perfectly rigid body is?

157800. The atomic number (Z) of an element is 25. In its ground state how many electrons are present in the N shell?

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