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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3192

159601. The first computers were programmed using?

159602. Hardware is worthless without the real controller of computer which is?

159603. When in use, software is temporarily stored in?

159604. Errors in a software program are referred to as?

159605. Pixels are?

159606. CAD stands for?

159607. The creation of motion from still pictures is called?

159608. Daisy Wheel and Band are type of?

159609. What is the name of part of the computer which coordinates all the function?

159610. Ingress is a type of?

159611. A source program is the progam written in which of the following language?

159612. Short Cut key for Print Preview is?

159613. Which content is lost when the computer is turn off?

159614. In MS-Word, replace option is available on?

159615. In MS-Word, a word gets selected by clicking the word?

159616. The motherboard also holds the __________of the computer?

159617. The central processing unit is also known as?

159618. MMU stands for?

159619. C.U. stands for?

159620. Ctrl + C is key used for?

159621. IR stands for?

159622. The mother board contains various________?

159623. What symbol is present on the number key '7' on the keyboard?

159624. Devices that enter information and let you communicate with the computer are called?

159625. If you want to upload your profile pic into Facebook, the device you will use?

159626. Q89 .docx is the file extension for?

159627. One Byte is equal to?

159628. Broad Categories of Software are?

159629. If you want to go to end of page, you have to press?

159630. Which one of the following is not a hardware?

159631. Errors in computer programs are called?

159632. Internet refers to?

159633. Storage Area for E-mail messages are called?

159634. Bug describes?

159635. Which function is not performed by servers?

159636. The process of transferring files from a computer on the internet to your computer on the internet to your computer is called?

159637. The main memory works in conjunction with?

159638. Fastest supercomputer of the world is?

159639. Which one of the following work as both an input device and output device?

159640. SATA stands for?

159641. Group of attributes/field in a database is known as a?

159642. Set of related records in a database is known as a?

159643. To view information on the web, you must have a?

159644. Directory in a Directory is called?

159645. For print, select the menu?

159646. Coded entries which are used to gain access to a computer system are called?

159647. Which of the following act both as an input and output device?

159648. Multimedia refers to?

159649. The key used to cancel the current task is?

159650. F5 key is used?

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