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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 324

16201. Annealing of metal does not

16202. Which of the following is a common constituent of both paint and oil varnish ?

16203. Lithium is a useful alloying addition to aluminium, because it

16204. Pick out the wrong statement about coating/electroplating of metals.

16205. In case of a, centrifugal pump, the ratio h1/h2 is termed as the __________ efficiency (where, h1 = actual measured head & h2 = head imparted to the fluid by impeller).

16206. Brinell hardness number (BHN) of a material is a number, which has

16207. Vanadium addition to steel improves its

16208. Plants produce carbohydrates from the CO2 present in the atmosphere by

16209. Identify the correct statement with reference to the extractive metallurgy of aluminium.

16210. A particle is settling in a liquid under Stokesian conditions. The free falling velocity of the particle is proportional to

16211. Which of the following is not used as an alloying element in steel used for making permanent magnetic material ?

16212. What was established in 1988 as apex institution for housing finance?

16213. The fatigue resistance of a material is improved by the following technique.

16214. Increase in temperature, in general results in the

16215. Which of the following can be manufactured using powder metallurgy techniques?

16216. Removal of non-condensables from steam or other vapour is termed as the __________ process.

16217. Cold heading or upsetting is categorised as the __________ process.

16218. Titanium is added to molten aluminium alloys before casting for the purpose of

16219. Cemented carbide tools are not suitable for cutting

16220. The difference between gross & net calorific values of fuel is due to the

16221. Which of the following is preferred for rivetting ?

16222. Heating the hypoeutectoid steels to 30°C above the upper critical temperature line, soaking at that temperature and then cooling slowly to the room temperature to form a pearlite & ferrite structure is called

16223. Mild steel has __________ crystal lattice structure.

16224. Which of the following does not have a sharp melting point ?

16225. Aluminium is extracted from

16226. __________ fluid force is not considered in the Navier-Stokes equation.

16227. What is the value of entropy at 273°K ?

16228. Tin is not present as an alloying element in

16229. Thermit welding uses the following energy source.

16230. The friction factor for the turbulent fluid flow in a rough pipe does not depend upon the

16231. Flue gases pass through the following boiler accessories in a high pressure natural circulation boiler. A. Induced draft fan B. Economiser C. Air preheater D. Steam superheater Which of the following gives the correct sequence of flow of the flue gases through the above mentioned boiler accessories ?

16232. Case hardening of a material is

16233. The difference in one unit of Rockwell hardness number corresponds to a difference in the depth of indentation of __________ mm.

16234. Steel balls are manufactured by

16235. __________ temperature remains constant during adiabatic saturation process of unsaturated air.

16236. The best lubricants for a machine working at high temperature & load is

16237. One face of a furnace wall is at 1030°C and the other face is exposed to room temperature (30°C). If the thermal conductivity of furnace wall is 3 W . m-1 . k-1 and the wall thickness is 0.3 m, the maximum heat loss (in W/m) is

16238. Runga-Kutta method is used to solve a/an

16239. Recrystallisation temperature of steel is __________ °C.

16240. Pressure required to increase the density of water by about 1% is __________ atmosphere.

16241. Elimination of brittleness resulting from welding of saw blades is done by __________ of the welded portion.

16242. The maximum stress below which a material can withstand an infinite number of cycle of stress, is termed as the

16243. The best guide to judge the general quality of water is the measurement of its

16244. Wrought iron is not

16245. വിദേശ നാണയത്തിന്‍റെ സൂക്ഷിപ്പുകാരൻ എന്നറിയപ്പെടുന്നത്? [Videsha naanayatthin‍re sookshippukaaran ennariyappedunnath?]

16246. Which of the following is the largest quantum of pressure?

16247. Which of the following is not a charge material for cupola ?

16248. Which of the following is an undesirable property of slag produced during the pyrometallurgical method of metal extraction from its ore ?

16249. In __________ process, ions of salts react with water to produce acidity or alkalinity.

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