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162851. On September 20, 1932 Mahatma Gandhi began a fast unto death in Yeravada Jail against?

162852. Mahatma Gandhi broke his epic fast unto death on September 26, 1932 after the Poona Pact, which provided for?

162853. The Civil Disobedience Movement was suspended after the Gandhi-Irwin Pact. Why did the Congress decide to resume the movement In January 1932?

162854. In May 1933, Mahatma Gandhi began a fast of 21 days?

162855. On account of severe British repression the Civil Disobedience movement was again suspended In July 1933 and people were asked to offer Satyagraha?

162856. In 1934 Mahatma Gandhi withdrew from active politics and even resigned his membership of the Congress because?

162857. The first constitutional measure Introduced by the British in India which worked till the framing of the Indian Constitution was?

162858. The Golden Jubilee of the Indian Rational Congress (1885- 1935) fell in 1935, which was observed during the session held at?

162859. The most important feature of the Government of India Act of 1935 was?

162860. As a result of the elections held in early 1937 under the Act of 1935 the Congress formed ministries in provinces?

162861. The Congress ministries cave up office in October 1939 over the issue of?

162862. At the historic Tripuri Session of the Congress (March 1939) Subhas Bose defeated Mahatma Gandhi's official candidate for the Presidentship of the Congress. Who was Gandhiji's nominee?

162863. On account of his differences with Gandhiji, Sub has Bose resigned the Presidentship of the Congress (April 1939) and organised a new party called?

162864. The day (December 22, 1939) the Congress Ministries resigned in the Provinces the, Muslim League observed?

162865. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, better known as Frontier Gandhi, organised the Red Shirt Movement in the North- West Frontier Province (NWFP) for?

162866. The members of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan's Red Shirt Movement were known as?

162867. The Frontier Gandhi actively participated in?

162868. The first definite and forceful expression of the concept of a separate homeland for the Muslims came from (or the Cather of the idea of Pakistan was)?

162869. The Muslim League demanded creation of Pakistan (Pakistan Resolution) in its session held on March 24, 1940 at?

162870. Azad Hind Fauz or the Indian National Army (IRA) was founded by?

162871. The INA was largely composed of?

162872. Subhash Bose established the Provisional Government of Free India at?

162873. Subhash Bose selected the best soldiers from the three existing brigades (named after Gandhi, Azad and Nehru) and organised a new brigade which the soldiers themselves called?

162874. In March 1942, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill appointed the Cripps Mission to resolve Indian political crisis because?

162875. Kasturba Gandhi died in detention (in 1944) at?

162876. In 1921, Mahatma Gandhi resolved to wear only a loin cloth to propagate home spun cotton to signify?

162877. The Working Committee of the Congress passed the Quit India resolution on?

162878. Which of the following was not one of the points stressed by Mahatma Gandhi while exhorting the people to join the Quit India Movement?

162879. The Simla Conference called by Viceroy Lord Wavell (to discuss the so-called Wavell Plan) in June 1945 failed on account of?

162880. The famous 'Ratings Mutiny' (Revolt of a section of Indian soldiers serving In the Royal Indian Navy) in Bombay in February 1946 was calmed down largely by the efforts of?

162881. Which of the following was not one of the recommendations of the Cabinet Minion (1946) about the Constitution of India?

162882. Mahatma Gandhi spent a year of complete silence in 1926 to?

162883. The Muslim League withdrew its acceptance of the Cabinet Minion Plan and decided to resort to Direct Action Day on?

162884. On the Direct Action Day unprecedented bloodshed took place (as a result of Hindu-Muslim riots) in?

162885. The Interim Government which took office on September 2, 1946 was headed by?

162886. After the elections to the Constituent Assembly were held in July 1946, the Constituent Assembly met for the first time in New Delhi on?

162887. British Prime Minister Attlee made the historic announcement of the end of British rule in India (and transfer of power to responsible Indian hands by a date not later than June1948) on?

162888. India was partitioned as a consequence of the formula contained in?

162889. Why did Mahatma Gandhi ultimately lend his support to the resolution passed by the Congress Working Committee agreeing to the partition of India in spite of his personal, lifelong outspoken disapproval of Pakistan?

162890. The last constitutional provision (covering undivided India) passed by the House of Commons was?

162891. The Servants of India Society was founded in 1905 by?

162892. Mahatma Gandhi compared Pherozeshah Mehta with the Himalayas, Tilak with the Ocean and Gokhale with?

162893. Who did Mahatma Gandhi recognise as his political Guru?

162894. The first Congress and nationalist leader to face repeated imprisonment was?

162895. Which of the following brought Aurobindo Ghose into the fold of the Indian National Movement?

162896. Which of the following was the main part of Aurobindo's programme to achieve independence?

162897. Where did Mahatma Gandhi first apply his technique of Satyagraha?

162898. Which of the following statements about Mahatma Gandhi's views on Satyagraha is not correct?

162899. Which of the following was not one of the techniques of 'Satyagraha' advocated by Mahatama Gandhi?

162900. Which of the following is not one of the reasons why Mahatma Gandhi is known Ra the Father of Nation?

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