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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3262

163101. What benefits did the Poona Pact offer to the depressed classes?

163102. The Battle of Plassey is a particularly important event in Indian history because?

163103. Whom would you associate with the Censorship of the Press Act 1794?

163104. Who had founded the Deccan Educational Society?

163105. Champaran, the site of Gandhi's first experiment in Satyagraha, is located in the state of?

163106. On which date was the announcement formally made that India and Pakistan would be made free?

163107. In which year did the Indian National Congress hold its first meeting in Bombay?

163108. Who among the following had observed, upon Gandhi's assassination. "None will believe that a man like this body and soul ever walked on this earth"?

163109. Infanticide was completely banned by the?

163110. Who had introduced the Indian Universities Act 1904?

163111. The Prarthana Samaj had been established by?

163112. With which of the following was Annie Besant Associated?

163113. The Arya Samaj Movement had been started by?

163114. The Ilbert Bill introduced In Lord Ripon's reign is significant because?

163115. Madame HP Blavatsky had laid the foundation of the Theosophical Society in the year?

163116. Who had conceived and founded the Ramakrishna Mission?

163117. The Dandi March undertaken by Gandhi was?

163118. With which of the following would you associate Jyotiba Phule?

163119. What was Jagat Seth's claim to fame in Bengal?He was the?

163120. The reformer from Maharashtra popularly known as 'Lokhitavadi' (For the well of others) was?

163121. What did Raja Ram Mohan Roy actively seek reforms in?

163122. Who was the first leader to preside over the INC?

163123. The roots of the 1857 revolt lay in?

163124. Where had civil rebellions against the British initially started?

163125. Lord Cornwallis had introduced the ______ land tenure system?

163126. Swami Dayananda had translated the _______ into Hindi?

163127. 'AI Hilal' was a newspaper launched for propagating nationalism by?

163128. The Asiatic Society had been established in Calcutta by?

163129. The Shuddhi Movement, involving the conversion of non- Hindus to Hinduism, was started by?

163130. Who was the first to raise the slogan 'Inquilab zindabad'?

163131. By whom among the following was the Paramdham Ashram established?

163132. From which year did the Muslim League start demanding a separate nation for the Muslims?

163133. Who had propounded the Theory of Economic Drain of India during British Imperialism?

163134. Which of the following upheavals took place In Bengal Immediately after the revolt of 1857?

163135. Identify the body among the following that was not founded by Dr B R Ambedkar?

163136. The _____ were the first Europeans to start a Joint stock company trade with India?

163137. Who was the first European to translate the Bhapad Gita into English?

163138. The Cripps Offer was regarded as a 'post dated cheque' by?

163139. Which of the following was not contained in the Cripps Offer?

163140. The Cripps Mission visited India in the year?

163141. As per 'August Offer 1940' the Constitution of India would be drawn by?

163142. The Governor of the East India Company was?

163143. The exclusive right of trading between ______ was granted to the East India Company?

163144. The Charter for the establishment of the East India Company was granted by?

163145. The East India Company was established in the year?

163146. When the East India Company was established India was ruled by?

163147. The first Governor General of Bengal was?

163148. Gandhi wanted the students to spend their vacations in?

163149. Upon whom was the title 'Punjab Kesari' conferred?

163150. Who had observed that "Political freedom is the life-breath of a nation"?

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