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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3268

163401. In which year Government of India launched the International Gandhi Peace Prize ?

163402. Pingali Venkaya is related to which of the following?

163403. Which among the following is not a Book By Jawahar Lal Nehru?

163404. Which of the following is NOT a correct statement with respect to Surendranath Banerjee?

163405. The Cartaz system with reference to naval trade was used by which of the following?

163406. In 1835 the Cacher Levy with about 750 men was raised to counter the tribal raids. It is known with which of the following names today?

163407. In the wake of the Chinese aggression in 1962, which of the following squadron was formed to strengthen our supply lines to the Army in the Northern Sector encompassing J&K; and Ladakh regions?

163408. Demand for Pakistan was raised by Mohammed Ali Jinnah in which of the following years?

163409. At which of the following places held was held the All India Khilafat Conference in 1919?

163410. Which among the following event is related to Attack on Lord Hardinge?

163411. Which of the following revolutionaries has written Bandi Jeevan?

163412. Which among the following state is related to Moplah Rebellion?

163413. Who among the following was the founder of Bihar Vidyapeeth?

163414. Boycott of British Goods is related to which of the following?

163415. Which among Mountbatten plan, CR Formula, Wavell Plan and Cabinet Mission is chronologically earliest?

163416. In which year the first nationwide non cooperation movement was launched in India?

163417. Who among the following founded “National Herald”?

163418. Great Game’ is a term used for the strategic rivalry and conflict between which of the following ?

163419. Which among the following is not correct about C. R. Formula given by C Rajgopalachari?

163420. Which of the following movement was started to support Muslim resentment against ottoman Empire Policy of British?

163421. Which among the following is not correct about VD savarkar?

163422. Bring out the wrong statements?

163423. Bring out the Incorrect Statements?

163424. ‘Yudh Abhyas is a millitary exercise between:

163425. Which among the following is the leaders of China’s socio-political programs ‘Great Leap Forward’ and the ‘Cultural Revolution’?

163426. Which among the following sentences is not correct?

163427. For how many times Mahatma Gandhi was nominated for Nobel Peace Prize ?

163428. Who was the first recipient of Dada Saheb Phalke Award?

163429. Which among the following is not a work of Rabindranath Tagore?

163430. Lord Clement Atlee was prime minister of England at which of the following events?

163431. ” Hindus and Muslims form one nation in India. They are two eyes of India; Injure one and you injure the other” whose thoughts were these?

163432. In which of the following states the influence of the ” Ahrar movement (1931)” was mostly confined to ?

163433. Who among the following imposed Press censorship?

163434. Sarda Act which was sponsored by Harbilas Sarda to the British India Legislature in India was passed on 28 September 1929. This act was to prevent which of the following malice in Indian Society ?

163435. Year 1674 AD marks which of the following important events of life of Shivaji ?

163436. Who was prime Minister of England when Simon Commission came to India to review the working of Government of India Act 1919?

163437. Who among the following was a member of Simon Commission who subsequently became the British Prime Minister and later was to oversee the granting of independence to India & Pakistan in 1947?

163438. Adi Granth” was compiled by which of the following Sikh Guru’s in India?

163439. Who among the following was Commander-in-Chief, India, between 1902 and 1909 noted for large-scale reforms, the greatest of which was the merger of the three armies of the Presidencies into a unified force?

163440. Indian National Congress was founded during whose term among the following in 1885?

163441. Which among the following is Not true about C. Rajagopalachari?

163442. Who among the following is related to” Servants of India Society”?

163443. Which of the following policy was launched in 1992 just after the end of the cold war, following the collapse of the Soviet Union?

163444. Where did Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose established provisional Government of Free India ?

163445. Vinoba Bhave was the first person to offer satyagraha. In which year he offered individual satyagraha?

163446. Who among the following is / are credited for founding of the Indian National Congress?

163447. At which of the following sessions of Congress the resolution of Poorna Swaraj was passed?

163448. Under Government of India Act 1935, Congress contested elections in which year?

163449. Which among the following place related to salt agitation?

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