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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 333

16651. The unit of fugacity is the same as that of the

16652. Filling of gas from a high pressure cylinder into small bottles is an example of a/an __________ process.

16653. A large iceberg melts at the base, but not at the top, because of the reason that

16654. At the critical point of a substance

16655. A system undergoes a change from a given initial state to a given final state either by an irreversible process or by a reversible process, then(where, Δ S1 and Δ SR are the entropy changes of the system for the irreversible and reversible processes respectively)

16656. What is the value of Joule-Thomson co-efficient for an ideal gas ?

16657. A two stage compressor is used to compress an ideal gas. The gas is cooled to the initial temperature after each stage. The intermediate pressure for the minimum total work requirement should be equal to the __________ mean of P1 and P2.(where, P1 and P2 are initial and final pressures respectively)

16658. y = specific heat ratio of an ideal gas is equal to

16659. Consider the process A & B shown in the figure given below In this case, it is possilbe that

16660. Gibbs free energy of a pure fluid approaches __________ as the pressure tends to zero at constant temperature.

16661. As the entropy of the universe is increasing, day by day, the work producing capacity of a heat engine is

16662. An irreversible process

16663. The expression for the work done for a reversible polytropic process can be used to obtain the expression for work done for all processes, except reversible __________ process.

16664. Joule-Thomson co-efficient depends on the

16665. Free energy change of mixing two liquid substances is a function of the

16666. Examining a representative sample from a large number of similar itemsis

16667. The total change in the enthalpy of a system is independent of the

16668. Number of phases in a colloidal system are

16669. Free energy changes for two reaction mechanism 'X' and 'Y are respectively - 15 and - 5 units. It implies that X is

16670. അന്താരാഷ്ട്ര നീതിന്യായ കോടതിയുടെ ആസ്ഥാനം? [Anthaaraashdra neethinyaaya kodathiyude aasthaanam?]

16671. Vapour which is at a pressure smaller than the saturation pressure for the temperature involved is called a __________ vapour.

16672. At equilibrium condition, the chemical potential of a material in different phases in contact with each other is equal. The chemical potential for a real gas (μ) is given by(where, μ = standard chemical potential at unit fugacity (f° = 1 atm.) and the gas behaves ideally.)

16673. The kinetic energy of gas molecule is zero at

16674. Prong the correctness and authenticity of assets in the balance Sheet is

16675. The necessary and sufficient condition for equilibrium between two phases is

16676. Specific volume of an ideal gas is

16677. Pick out the extensive property out of the following.

16678. Entropy change of the reaction, H2O(liquid) H2O(gas), is termed as the enthalpy of

16679. Which law of the thermodynamics provids basis for measuring the thermodynamic property ?

16680. Gibbs free energy per mole for a pure substance is equal to the

16681. Gibbs free energy at constant pressure and temperature under equilibrium conditions is

16682. With increase in pressure (above atmospheric pressure), the Cp of a gas

16683. A change in state involving a decrease in entropy can be spontaneous, only if

16684. Joule-Thomson co-efficient which is defined as, , changes sign at a temperature known as inversion temperature. The value of Joule-Thomson co-efficient at inversion temperature is

16685. __________ calorimeter is normally used for measuring the dryness fraction of steam, when it is very low.

16686. The amount of heat required to decompose a compound into its elements is __________ the heat of formation of that compound from its elements.

16687. For a constant volume process

16688. In case of the decomposition of hydroiodic acid (2HI H2 + I2), addition of H2 (at equilibrium condition) will

16689. In any spontaneous process, the __________ free energy decreases.

16690. The gas law (PV = RT) is true for an __________ change.

16691. The equation DU = Tds - PdV is applicable to infinitesimal changes occuring in

16692. Heat is added at constant temperature in an ideal __________ cycle.

16693. Pick out the correct equation relating 'F' and 'A'.

16694. In a reversible process

16695. Cv for an ideal gas

16696. The equation, Cp - Cv = R, is true for __________ gas.

16697. In a homogeneous solution, the activity co-efficient of a component depends upon the

16698. Which are name sake assets?

16699. With increase in compression ratio, the efficiency of the otto engine

16700. The chemical potential of any constituent of an ideal solution depends on the __________ of the solution.

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