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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 337

16851. Reduced pressure of a gas is the ratio of its

16852. For a reversible process involving only pressure-volume work

16853. Air enters an adiabatic compressor at 300K. The exit temperature for a compression ratio of 3, assuming air to be an ideal gas (Y = Cp/Cv = 7/5) and the process to be reversible, is

16854. Entropy change for an irreversible process taking system and surrounding together is

16855. In a homogeneous solution, the fugacity of a component depends upon the

16856. For an incompressible fluid, the __________ is a function of both pressure as well as temperature.

16857. An ideal monoatomic gas is taken round the cycle ABCDA as shown below in the P-V diagram The work done during the cycle is

16858. One ton of refrigeration capacity is equivalent to the heat removal rate of

16859. What is the degree of freedom for a system comprising liquid water equilibrium with its vapour ?

16860. Equilibrium constant of a reaction varies with the

16861. Third law of thermodynamics is concerned with the

16862. Claude's liquefaction process employs the cooling of gases by

16863. Gibbs free energy (F) is defined as

16864. The expression for entropy change given by, ΔS = nR ln (V2/V1) + nCv ln (T2/T1) is valid for

16865. The second law of thermodynamics states that

16866. Internal energy of an ideal gas

16867. A refrigerator works on the principle of __________ law of thermodynamics.

16868. The quorum for meeting of a committee shall such number above what percentage of total number of members of such committee?

16869. Who appoints returning officer for Election to the Committee of Societies?

16870. Which of the following is affected by the temperature ?

16871. Work done may be calculated by the expression for __________ processes.

16872. The molar excess Gibbs free energy, gE, for a binary liquid mixture at T and P is given by, (gE/RT) = A . x1. x2, where A is a constant. The corresponding equation for ln y1, where y1 is the activity co-efficient of component 1, is

16873. The adiabatic throttling process of a perfect gas is one of constant enthalpy

16874. For spontaneous changes in an isolated system (S = entropy)

16875. A gas performs the maximum work, when it expands

16876. There is a change in __________ during the phase transition.

16877. Which of the following is Virial equation of state?

16878. Pressure-enthalpy chart is useful in refrigeration. The change in internal energy of an ideal fluid used in ideal refrigeration cycle is

16879. First law of thermodynamics deals with the

16880. Henry's law is closely obeyed by a gas, when its __________ is extremely high.

16881. Fugacity and pressure are numerically not equal for the gases

16882. A solute distributes itself between two non-miscible solvents in contact with each other in such a way that, at a constant temperature, the ratio of its concentrations in two layers is constant, irrespective of its total amount". This is

16883. A solid is transformed into vapour without going to the liquid phase at

16884. A gas mixture of three components is brought in contact with a dispersion of an organic phase in water. The degree of freedom of the system are

16885. 1m3 of an ideal gas at 500 K and 1000 kPa expands reversibly to 5 times its initial volume in an insulated container. If the specific heat capacity (at constant pressure) of the gas is 21 J/mole . K, the final temperature will be

16886. For a thermodynamic system containing 'x' chemical species, the maximum number of phases that can co-exist at equilibrium is

16887. A reasonably general expression for vapour-liquid phase equilibrium at low to moderate pressure is Φi yi P = Yi xi fi° where, Φ is a vapor fugacity component, Yi is the liquid activity co-efficient and fi° is the fugacity of the pure component i. the Ki value (Yi = Ki xi) is therefore, in general a function of

16888. Standard temperature and pressure (S.T.P.) is

16889. Normal temperature and pressure (N.T.P.) corresponds to

16890. The minimum number of phases that can exist in a system is

16891. Enthalpy changes over a constant pressure path are always zero for __________ gas.

16892. 'The fugacity of a gas in a mixture is equal to the product of its mole fraction and its fugacity in the pure state at the total pressure of the mixture". This is

16893. __________ does not change during phase transformation processes like sublimation, melting & vaporisation.

16894. Which one is true for a throttling process ?

16895. Choose the condition that must be specified in order to liquify CO2 (triple point for CO2 is - 57°C and 5.2 atm).

16896. If two pure liquid constituents are mixed in any proportion to give an ideal solution, there is no change in

16897. One mole of nitrogen at 8 bar and 600 K is contained in a piston-cylinder arrangement. It is brought to 1 bar isothermally against a resisting pressure of 1 bar. The work done (in Joules) by the gas is

16898. Lenz's law results from the law of conservation of

16899. In the equation, PVn = constant, if the value of n is in between 1 and y (i.e. Cp/Cv), then it represents a reversible __________ process.

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