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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 379

18951. In case of isentropic flow, the speed of sound in an ideal gas is proportional to (where, T = absolute temperature )

18952. Applying a pressure drop across a capillary results in a volumetric flow rate 'Q' under laminar flow conditions. The flow rate for the same pressure drop, in a capillary of the same length but half the radius is

18953. Cd, Cc and Cv are related (for flow through an orifice) as (where, Cd = discharge co-efficient Cc = co-efficient of contraction Cv = co-efficient of velocity )

18954. In an incompressible fluid, the density is

18955. Check valves are used

18956. Velocity distribution for flow between two fixed parallel plates

18957. Priming is needed in a __________ pump.

18958. An ideal nozzle design aims at

18959. Which of the fluid forces are not considered in the Reynold's equation of flow ?

18960. For ideally incompressible fluid, the Mach number will be

18961. A mono pump is a __________ pump.

18962. Higher specific speed (200-500) of a centrifugal pump indicates that the pump is of __________ flow type.

18963. The variable required to be known in correlations used for estimating the horse power of a centrifugal gas compressor and hence its cost are P. Inlet pressure Q. Compressor rpm R. Delivery pressure S. Volumetric flow rate at inlet.

18964. Theoretical head developed by a centrifugal pump does not depend upon the __________ the impeller.

18965. ’The banker to every Indian’is the slogan of:

18966. In case of isentropic flow, the speed of sound in an ideal gas is proportional to (where M = molecular weight of the gas)

18967. Boundary layer separation is caused by the

18968. With increase in temperature, the vapor pressure of liquids

18969. A mercury (specific gravity = 13.6) manometer connected across an orificemeter fitted in a pipe shows a manometer reading of 2 cms. If the manometer liquid is changed to carbon tetrachloride (specific gravity = 1.6), then for the same flow rate of water the new manometer reading will be __________ cms.

18970. The ratio of wall drag to total drag in the Stoke's law range is

18971. Rotary vacuum pumps can reduce the absolute pressure to as low as __________ mm Hg.

18972. A pitched-blade turbine draws __________ a straight blade turbine.

18973. The most suitable flow measuring device for the fluid flow measurement in a very large diameter pipeline is a

18974. A centrifugal pump is called a turbine pump, if it is having a

18975. Remote control valve is a __________ valve.

18976. The Prime Minister’s Scheme ‘Bank Account for All’is known as:

18977. Which of the following quantities are computed by using the hydraulic radius for non-circular ducts ?

18978. U.T.I.established in

18979. Centre of pressure in an immersed body is __________ the centre of gravity.

18980. Qualitative credit control method of RBI is:

18981. The centre of pressure is

18982. Over draft facility is allowed in respect of:

18983. The uniformity of a gas fluidised bed depends upon the __________ of the solid particles.

18984. Banks provide financial aid to industries,heavy turnkey projects and foreign trade is:

18985. Pascal law is not applicable for a/an __________ fluid.

18986. The plastic money card which allow its holder to make purchase without holding cash in hand and cash at bank

18987. In a fluidised bed reactor

18988. The rate at which RBI lends to the banks under liquidity adjustment facility is:

18989. The flow of a liquid through tapering pipe at a constant rate is an example of __________ flow.

18990. Holidays are declared to banks under:

18991. Pick out the correct statement pertaining to transition/ entrance length in fluid flow.

18992. India’s largest public sector general Insurance Company:

18993. A perfect gas

18994. Chairman of State Bank of India

18995. In a/an __________ , the flow rate of fluids is obtained by measuring the difference between the impact and the static pressure.

18996. There has been a concerted effort by the policy makers in re-orienting banking towards achieving social objectives.As a result of this ,class banking is shifted to:

18997. During fluid flow, variation of shear stress(τ) with velocity gradientat constant pressure temperature is shown below in the figure In the above figure, Binghom plastic is represented by the curve .

18998. The credit instrument used as most convenient and inexpensive medium of exchange.

18999. Speed of sound in an ideal gas depends on its

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