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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 454

22701. Simple method of increasing the voltage of a generator is

22702. The main differentiation factor between tube mill and ball mill is the

22703. Introduction of slurry in a plate and frame filter press is done through a plate in each frame. The plate of this filter has a __________ surface.

22704. Use of grinding aids results in the

22705. A belt conveyor used for the transportation of materials can

22706. Which of the following is not used as a surface active agent in a flocculation operation?

22707. __________ mill is not a revolving mill.

22708. For the transportation of ultrafine particles, the equipment used is a........conveyor.

22709. During filtration operation, the filtrate encounters the resistance of the

22710. Filtration rate does not depend upon the

22711. Which of the following is a fine crusher?

22712. __________ is a cohesive solid.

22713. The optimum moisture content in solids to be crushed/ground ranges from __________ percent.

22714. The capacity of a gyratory crusher is __________ that of a jaw crusher with the same gape, handling the same feed & for the same product size range.

22715. In classification, particles are said to be equal settling, if they have the same terminal velocities in the

22716. Dispersion of a gas through liquid is done by using a

22717. Work index is defined as the

22718. Removal of activated carbon from glycerine is done by

22719. What is the reduction ratio in a fine crushing operation having following feed and product sizes?

22720. Short distance transportation of grain, gravel, sand, ash, asphalt etc. is done by using a __________ conveyor.

22721. Equivalent diameter of a particle is the diameter of the sphere having the same

22722. If dp is the equivalent diameter of a non-spherical particle, Vp its volume and sp its surface area, then its sphericity is Φs is defined by

22723. Power required to drive a ball mill with a particular ball load is proportional to (where, D = diameter of ball mill )

22724. The existence of residual magnetism is not important if the D.C.generator is not connected as a

22725. Which is the most commonly used molten metal for cooling of nuclear reactors ?

22726. The amount of a radioactive material (having a half life of 100 years) remaining after 400 years will be __________ of its original weight.

22727. The second underground nuclear test was conducted by India at

22728. Which of the following is artificially produced as it does not occur in nature ?

22729. Gas cooling as compared to water cooling of nuclear reactors

22730. The decay product of tritium (a beta emitter) is

22731. Heat is generated in a nuclear reactor (thermal) by

22732. The time taken for a radioactive element to reduce to 50% of its original weight is __________ years, if its half life period is 12 years.

22733. Which of the following may not need a moderator ?

22734. The amount of a radioisotope remaining undecayed after a time equal to four times its half life, will be __________ percent.

22735. Fast breeder reactors do not

22736. Thorium-232 is converted into uranium-233 in a/an __________ nuclear reactor.

22737. Which of the following may not need a control rod ?

22738. One 'amu' is equivalent to

22739. Commercial power generation from fusion reactor is not yet possible, because

22740. Spent fuel from the nuclear thermal reactor contains

22741. A boiling water reactor is the one, in which the

22742. Which is used as a coolant in nuclear reactor due to its high capture cross-section ?

22743. Moderating material used in a thermal-reactor should be a

22744. Ordinary water is not used as a moderator because, it

22745. The atomic number of a radioactive element is not changed, when it emits __________ rays.

22746. Fission of U-235 on slow neutron bombardment can be represented by

22747. A nuclear reactor can't be used for

22748. Which of the following is a moderating material used in nuclear reactor ?

22749. The atomic number of an element is equal to the number of __________ present in its atom.

22750. Which of the following is not, a fertile material ?

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