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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 453

22651. A compressible cake has the

22652. Which of the following is not used as a filter medium in case of corrosive liquids ?

22653. In ball mill operation, the feed size (Df in meters) and the ball diameter (Db in metres) are related as ( where, K = grindability constant (varying from 0.9 to 1.4 in increasing order of hard ness))

22654. Pine oil and cresylic acid are used as __________ in the froth floatation process.

22655. Grinding characteristic of a material is given by its

22656. Which of the following is not a non-metalliferous mineral?

22657. Filter medium resistance is important during the __________ of filtration.

22658. Float and sink test determines the possibility of cleaning of coal by a process based on the

22659. __________ baffles are provided in ball mills.

22660. Mixer used for rubber compounding is

22661. For spheres, the specific surface shape factor is given by

22662. __________ mill is not used for grinding wheat into flour and for milling of cereals & other vegetable products.

22663. In case of a hammer crusher, the final product size depends on the

22664. Sphericity of raschig ring (whose length and diameter are equal) is

22665. Mixing mechanism employed in a pan mixer is by

22666. Chance process is used for the

22667. Which of the following screens has the maximum capacity ?

22668. Stamp mills are generally used for crushing

22669. In case of a plate and frame filter press, filtrate flow through the cake follows __________ flow.

22670. Which of the following is a batch sedimentation equipment ?

22671. The most suitable equipment for the transportation of 200 mesh size particles is a

22672. Which of the following is not used as filter aid?

22673. Raw materials are charged in the iron blast furnace using

22674. Carbon black is pulverised in a

22675. The most efficient equipment for the removal of sub-micronic dust particles from blast furnace gas is the

22676. The filtrate flow rate in constant pressure filtration

22677. Theoretical capacity of crushing rolls in tons/hr is given by (where, V = peripherial velocity, m/sec. W = width of rolls, m Dr = distance between rolls ρ = density of material to be crushed, kg/m3 here, V =πN.D where, N = speed of the rolls in rotation per second (rps) D = diameter of rolls, m)

22678. Vibrating screens are used for handling large tonnages of materials. The vibrating motion is imparted to the screening surface by means of

22679. The inlet pressure in a constant rate filtration

22680. Size reduction of moulding powders, waxes, resins & gums are done in a __________ mill.

22681. Particle size range in which dust catcher (gravity settling chamber) works most effectively and efficiently is __________ microns.

22682. __________ centrifuge is the most suitable for separation of non-friable crystals.

22683. For benefication of iron ore, the most commonly used method is

22684. A propeller agitator

22685. In a grinding operation, the limiting particle size is the size of the __________ particle in the sample.

22686. Screen capacity is proportional to (where, S = screen aperture)

22687. In coal washeries, three products namely the valuable product (i.e. clean/washed coal), discarded product (i.e. mineral matter) and an additional concentrated product called __________ is produced.

22688. Actual operating speed of a ball mill may vary from 65 to 80% of the critical speed. Which of the following duties would require the ball mill to be operated at maximum percentage of critical speed ?

22689. A __________ employs a set of screen across a flow channel for the separation of dirt/rust from a flowing liquid stream.

22690. Separation of a suspension or slurry into a supernatant clear liquid (free from particles) and a thick sludge containing a high concentration of solid is called

22691. Reciprocal of sphericity is termed as the

22692. With increase in the pressure drop across the cake, the specific cake resistance for the compressible sludge

22693. Which one of the engine has longest crank shaft?

22694. Size reduction of ice and gypsum can be accomplished suitably by a __________ crusher.

22695. A filter press is

22696. Xanthates are used in the froth floatation process as a/an

22697. The ratio of the actual mesh dimension of Taylor series to that of the next smaller screen is

22698. The disease that spreads through air is?

22699. Limestone is normally crushed in a

22700. Filtrate flow rate in case of a rotary drum vacuum filter (in which Rm < < Rc) is proportional to __________ and the cycle time (where, μ = filtrate viscosity Rm = filter medium resistance Rc = cake resistance ).

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