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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 488

24401. Which refractory must have controlled atmosphere (temperature and humidity) for its safe storage ?

24402. Alumina-graphite bricks are used for lining the

24403. Spalling resistance of a refractory can not be increased by

24404. Fireclay refractories have

24405. Periclase is

24406. Which of the following is not a neutral refractory ?

24407. Which is a basic refractory ?

24408. Cold crushing strength of a refractory does not depend upon its

24409. Refractoriness under load (RUL) is the most important property for the refractory bricks

24410. Which of the following consumes the maximum tonnage of refractories annually in an integrated steel plant ?

24411. __________ nozzles are used in continuous casting of steel,

24412. silicon carbide refractories have very low

24413. Basic bricks are not made of

24414. With increase in the alumina content in firebricks, its fusion point (refractoriness)

24415. Cold crushing strength of ordinary fireclay brick is about 950 kg/cm2 . On exposure to a temperature of about 1500°C, its crushing strength may come down to as low as __________ kg/cm2 .

24416. Zirconia refractory

24417. Which one contains maximum percentage of Al2O3 ?

24418. Which of the following does not occur during firing/burning of refractories ?

24419. Silicon carbide refractories are used in the

24420. High density refractory bricks have lower

24421. Silliminite (Al2O3.SiO2) refractory, which is a neutral refractory, is not used in

24422. Zircon refractories have

24423. Cermets are

24424. Carbon refractory blocks

24425. __________ is not a single oxiderefractory.

24426. Hot blast main (carrying air at 1000°C) in blast furnace are lined with __________ bricks.

24427. High alumina refractory compared to fireclay bricks have

24428. Refractory bricks with lower permeability is produced by using

24429. Refractory bricks having lower porosity have

24430. In panel test for spalling resistance, the average face temperature of panel assembly is maintained at __________ °C for 24 hours.

24431. Which is not an acidic refractory ?

24432. Natural silica

24433. Thermal conductivity of refractory bricks

24434. Dolomite bricks have good resistance to attack by

24435. Most Cermets, which normally have high thermal conductivity and high thermal shock resistance, comprises of ceramic & metallic components of __________ percent respectively.

24436. Major type of soil found in India

24437. __________ bricks should not be used in oxidising atmosphere.

24438. Indian State tops in production of coffee

24439. Fusion temperature of pure silica (SiO2) is __________ °C.

24440. Which is not a high alumina refractory ?

24441. Pure oxide refractories are generally monocrystaliine in nature and are self bonded __________ bricks are generally used as moderator in nuclear reactors.

24442. Faster rate of drying of moulded refractories results in high __________ of refractories.

24443. Rotary kilns meant for calcination of limestone are lined with chrome magnesite in __________ zone.

24444. The highest melting pure oxide (m.p. > 3000°C)is

24445. Refractories used in/for __________ should have low thermal conductivity.

24446. 10 to 30% magnesite is added to chromite to produce chrome-magnesite refractories. Magnesite addition is mainly done to improve the __________ of chromite.

24447. Silica bricks are never used for lining the

24448. Which is not a natural insulating material?

24449. Magnesite refractories are generally not used in the

24450. Which is an acidic refractory ?

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