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25201. If lift off distance of an craft is 2000 m, the clear way at the end of the runway should not be less than

25202. In instrument landing system

25203. Spermatozoa undergo maturation and development in--------part of male reproductive system.

25204. The length of a runway under standard atmospheric conditions is 1800 m. If the actual reduced level of the site is 1200 m, the design length of the runway is

25205. The threshold markings are

25206. The bearing of the longest line of a wind rose is S 45° E, the bearing of the runway will be numbered

25207. For the proposed runway stated in if the aerodrome reference temperature is 17°.2, the net designed length of the runway is

25208. Type of teeth which is absent in cattle

25209. Ideal dry period recommended for dairy cattle is-------days

25210. A fodder tree commonly seen in Kerala

25211. When water is added to milk,specific gravity of milk

25212. Type of feed containing more than 18% crude fibre is------

25213. The method of Identification not suited for white coated animals is------

25214. After dilution,the diluted semen is examined under high power microscope for evaluating which of the following parameter.

25215. A projectile is thrown at an angle a to the horizontal with α velocity v. It will have the maximum centripetal acceleration

25216. The ‘analytical engine’ was developed by?

25217. The unit of Moment of Inertia of a body, is

25218. If a body moves in such a way that its velocity increases by equal amount in equal intervals of time, it is said to be moving with

25219. If the gravitational accelerational at any place is doubled, the weight of a body, will

25220. A cable loaded with 0.5 tonne per horizontal metre span is stretched between supports in the same horizontal line 400 m apart. If central dip is 20 m, the minimum tension in the cable, will be

25221. A particle moves along a straight line such that distance x traversed in t seconds is given by x = t2(t + 1), the acceleration of the particle, will be

25222. The Law of Polygon of Forces states that

25223. Parallelogram Law of Forces states, "if two forces acting simultaneously on a particle be represented in magnitude and direction by two adjacent sides of a parallelogram, their resultant may be represented in magnitude and direction by

25224. Which one of the following statements is true ?

25225. The beam shown in below figure is supported by a hinge at A and a roller at B. The reaction RA of the hinged support A of the beam, is

25226. The product of mass and velocity of a moving a body, is called

25227. Engineer's units of force, is

25228. Joule is the unit of

25229. The maximum velocity of a body vibrating with a simple harmonic motion of amplitude 150 mm and frequency 2 vibrations/sec, is

25230. Who said about Michael Angelo in the following word: ‘He was the greatest artist who ever lived. He was a jack of all trades and a master of all’?

25231. One Newton force, is

25232. The masses of two balls are in the ratio of 2 : 1 and their respective velocities are in the ratio of 1 : 2 but in opposite direction before impact. If the coefficient of restitution is , the velocities of separation of the balls will be equal to

25233. The angle which an inclined surface makes with the horiontal when a body placed on it is on the point of moving down, is called

25234. Work may be defined as

25235. The first woman President of the Indian National Congress was .........?

25236. A bullet weighing 200 g is fired horizontally with a velocity of 25 m/sec from a gun carried on a carriage which together with the gun weighs 100 kg. The velocity of recoil of the gun, will be

25237. The tension in a cable supporting a lift

25238. A satellite moves in its orbit around the earth due to

25239. If g1 and g2 are the gravitational accelerations on two mountains A and B respectively, the weight of a body when transported from A to B will be multiplied by

25240. If three rigid rods are hinged together to form a triangle and are given rotary as well as translatory motion, the number of instantaneous centres of the triangle, will be

25241. The mechanical advantage of an ideal machine is 100. For moving the local through 2 m, the effort moves through

25242. When a body in equilibrium undergoes an infinitely small displacement, work imagined to be done, is known as

25243. To attain the synchronous orbit, the launch of a satellite, is done from a place

25244. The vertical reaction at the support A of the structure shown in below figure, is

25245. Young one of turkey is known as--------

25246. If the radius of the earth is 600 km the height of a mountain above sea level at the top of which a beat seconds pendulum at sea level, looses 27 seconds a day, is

25247. The total time of collision and restitution of two bodies, is called

25248. The length of a Second's pendulum, is

25249. A load of 500 kg was lifted through a distance of 13 cm. by an effort of 25 kg which moved through a distance of 650 cm. The efficiency of the lifting machine is

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