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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 568

28401. To convert the units of M.K.S. to units of S.I., a factor 9.80665 is used for

28402. SI unit for the surface tension, is

28403. The basic quantity in the International system of units, is

28404. Intensity of electric current is expressed in

28405. Who founded Aryasamajam?

28406. Yachana Yathra led by:

28407. ”Atmaanuthapam”is the work of:

28408. Swedesabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai died at:

28409. The code name of the first vehicle driven by man on the moon’s surface:

28410. The lateral earth pressure on a retaining wall

28411. The internal molecular attraction of a soil, the cohesion

28412. The quantity of seepage of water through soils is proportional to

28413. When drainage is permitted under initially applied normal stress only and full primarily consolidation is allowed to take place, the test is known as

28414. The minimum water content at which the soil retains its liquid state and also possesses a small shearing strength against flowing, is known

28415. Minimum size of the particles of silt soil, is

28416. The maximum value of effective stress in the past divided by the present value, is defined as over consolidation ratio (OCR). The O.C.R. of an over consolidated clay is

28417. Under-reamed piles are generally

28418. Pick up the clay soil group which does not swell when wet from the following :

28419. Factor of safety against sliding of a slope, is the ratio of

28420. The ratio of the volume of voids to the volume of soil solids in a given soil mass, is known

28421. A compacted soil sample using 10% moisture content has a weight of 200 g and mass unit weight of 2.0 g/cm3. If the specific gravity of soil particles and water are 2.7 and 1.0, the degree of saturation of the soil is

28422. A partially saturated sample of soil has a unit weight of 2.0 g/cm3 and specific gravity of soil particles is 2.6. If the moisture content in the soil is 20%, the degree of saturation is

28423. According to Coulomb's wedge theory, the active earth pressure slides the wedge

28424. The effective size of particles of soil is denoted by

28425. Degree of saturation of a natural soil deposit having water content 15%, specific gravity 2.50 and void ratio 0.5, is

28426. The coefficient of compressibility of soil, is the ratio of

28427. If the failure of a finite slope occurs through the toe, it is known as

28428. Rankine's theory of active earth pressure assumes

28429. The water content of soil is defined as the ratio of

28430. Accurate determination of water content, is made by

28431. Stoke's law sates that the velocity at which a grain settles out of suspension, the other factors remaining constant, is dependent upon

28432. In which year IT act came into force in India?

28433. If S, L and R are the arc length, long chord and radius of the sliding circle then the perpendicular distance of the line of the resultant cohesive force, is given by

28434. The liquid limit and plastic limit exist in

28435. Back fill with a sloping surface exerts a total active pressure Pa on the wall of height H and acts at

28436. The ratio of the weight of given volume of soil solids to the weight of an equal volume of distilled water at the given temperature, is known

28437. The ultimate Settlement of a soil is directly proportional to:

28438. The seepage force in a soil, is

28439. A soil has bulk density 2.30 g/cm3 and water content 15 per cent, the dry density of the sample, is

28440. In which place Mortuary temple of Seti 1 located?

28441. The clay soil mainly consists of

28442. The liquidity index is defined as a ratio expressed as percentage of

28443. The fluid generally used for grouting is

28444. A coarse-grained soil has a voids ratio 0.75, and specific gravity as 2.75. The critical gradient at which quick sand condition occurs, is

28445. The relationship between void ratio (e) and porosity ratio (n) is :

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