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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 570

28501. Determination of water content of a soil sample suspected to contain gypsum is made by drying the sample for longer period at a temperature not more than

28502. Water formed transported soil is

28503. A decrease in water content results in a reduction of the volume of a soil in

28504. Name of currency of Japan:

28505. The vane shear test is used for the in-situ determination of the undrained strength of the intact fully saturated

28506. Fundamental relationship between dry density (γd), bulk density (γ) and water content (ω), is :

28507. The specific gravity of quartz, is

28508. If the cohesive force, (c), is 1.5 t/m2, the density (γ) of the soil is 2.0 t/m3, factor of safety (F) is 1.5 and stability factor (Sn) is 0.05, the safe height of the §lope, is

28509. India’s Satellite launch-pad is located at:

28510. How many representatives can each member of the UNO send?

28511. Si particles

28512. Flow net is used for the determination of

28513. If the back fill is having a uniform surcharge of intensity q per unit area, the lateral pressure will be

28514. A method of growing plants without soil:

28515. Through a point in a loaded soil, the principal stress is maximum on

28516. Maximum size of clay particles, is :

28517. The capillary rise of water

28518. Coulomb's wedge theory assumes that

28519. If dry density, water density and specific gravity of solids of a given soil sample are 1.6 g/cc, 1.84 g/cc and 2.56 respectively, the porosity of the soil sample, is

28520. Pick up the correct statement applicable to plate load test

28521. Terzaghi's analysis assumes :

28522. The country which was always an independent state was?

28523. A soil sample has passing 0.075 mm sieve = 60% liquid limit = 65% and plastic limit = 40%. The group index of the soil, is

28524. The plasticity index is the numerical difference between

28525. The fundamental equation of specific gravity (G), dry density (γd), unit weight of water (γω) and void ratio (e), is

28526. Negative skin friction on piles

28527. Fine sand possesses

28528. The ultimate bearing capacity of a soil, is

28529. Transporting and redepositing soils, is done by

28530. A moist soil sample of volume 60 cc. weighs 108 g and its dried weight is 86.4 g. If its absolute density is 2.52, the degree of saturation is

28531. Name of Tibetan Word for New Year:

28532. The passive earth pressure of a soil, is proportional to (where φ is the angle of internal friction of the soil.)

28533. If a soil undergoes a change in shape and volume by application of external loads over it, but recovers its shape and volume immediately after removal of the load, the property of the soil is said to be

28534. If the unit weight of sand particles is 2.696 g/cc. and porosity in loose state is 44%, the critical hydraulic gradient for quick sand condition, is

28535. The void ratio of a soil sample decreases from 1.50 to 1.25 when the pressure is increased from 25 tonnes/m2 to 50 tonnes/m2, the coefficient of compressibility is

28536. Where did International court of Justice situated?

28537. The maximum water content at which a reduction in water content does not cause a decrease in volume of a soil mass, is known

28538. A sample of saturated soil has 30% water content and the specific gravity of soil grains is 2.6. The dry density of the soil mass in g/cm3, is

28539. The specific gravity of sands, is approximately

28540. If the coefficients of volume change and compressibility of a soil sample are respectively 6.75 x 10-2 and 3 x 10-2, the void ratio of the soil sample, is

28541. The minimum centre to centre distance of friction piles of 1 m diameter, is

28542. Over-consolidation of soils is caused due to

28543. Darcy's law is applicable to seepage if a soil is

28544. A device used to maintain a constant temperature of a water bath or an oven is known as?

28545. Depending upon the properties of a material, the failure envelope may

28546. A stratum of clay 2 m thick will get consolidated 80% in 10 years. For the 80% consolidation of 8 m thick stratum of the same clay, the time required is

28547. The maximum net pressure intensity causing shear failure of soil, is known

28548. The factor which affects the compaction, is

28549. The compression resulting from a long term static load and consequent escape of pore water, is known as

28550. Soil classification of composite soils, exclusively based on the particle size distribution, is known

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