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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 572

28601. The shear strength of a soil

28602. The property of a soil which permits water to percolate through it, is called

28603. The triaxial apparatus is usually used for

28604. A pycnometer is used to determine

28605. Soils containing organic matters

28606. A soil not fully consolidated under the existing over-burden pressure, is called

28607. The angle of internal friction is maximum for

28608. If G is specific gravity of sand particles, e is porosity, the critically hydraulic gradient

28609. A grillage foundation

28610. The plasticity of fine soils may be assessed by means of

28611. The density of soil can be increased

28612. The degree of saturation of the soil sample stated in Question No. 11.243, is

28613. The length/diameter ratio of cylindrical specimens used in triaxial test, is generally

28614. Who is the Chairman of ISRO?

28615. A suspended particle falls through a height H cm in water in t minutes. If the viscosity of water is η and specific gravity of the particle is G, the diameter of the particle is (where M is a constant factor)

28616. The birth place of Shankaracharya was at..............?

28617. The bearing capacity of a soil depends upon

28618. A direct shear test possesses the following disadvantage:

28619. Through a point in a loaded soil mass, there exists n typical planes mutually orthogonal on which the stress is wholly normal and no shear stress acts, if n is

28620. The pressure that builds up in pore water due to load increment on the soil, is termed

28621. The ratio of emax and emin of silty sand, is

28622. A flow net may be utilised for the determination of

28623. The neutral stress in a soil mass is

28624. If voids ratio is 0.67, water content is 0.188 and specific gravity is 2.68, the degree of saturation of the soil, is

28625. If water content of a soil is 40%, G is 2.70 and void ratio is 1.35, the degree of saturation is

28626. The use of kharoshti in ancient Indian architecture is the result of India's contact with?

28627. A structure is erected on an impervious clay whose thickness is 12 m. Drainage is possible both at upper and lower surfaces. Coefficient of consolidation is 0.015 cm2 per minute. For attaining 50% consolidation with a time factor 0.20, the number of days required

28628. Which one of the following statements is true for Mohr-Coulomb envelope ?

28629. The intensity of active earth pressure at a depth of 10 metres in dry cohesionless sand with an angle of internal friction of 30° and with a weight of 1.8 t/m3, is

28630. On wetting, cohesive soils,

28631. Which British Viceroy was related to Subsidiary Alliance System?

28632. 'Talus' is the soil transported by

28633. A triaxial shear test is prefered to direct shear test, because

28634. In which year the Twelfth Five year plan started?

28635. Chemical weathering of soil is caused due to

28636. The Mohr's straight theory is based on the following fact :

28637. Hydrometer readings are corrected for:

28638. Tergazhi's theory of one dimensional consolidation assumes

28639. An unsaturated 100 cm3 sample of soil weighs 190 g. If its dried weight is 160 g, water content of the soil, is

28640. If the natural moisture content, the liquid limit and plastic limit of a soil sample are stated as 30.5%, 42.5% and 22.5% respectively, the ratio of liquidity index and plastic index, is

28641. The specific gravity of Calcite is

28642. The ratio of volume of air voids to the volume of total voids, is known as

28643. A plane inclined at an angle φ to the horizontal at which the soil is expected to stay in the absence of any lateral support, is known as

28644. Newly elected President of USA on November 8,2016:

28645. In which state Kakatiya Thermal Power Project existed?

28646. A soil mass is said to be in plastic equilibrium if

28647. Where did the first Satyagraha experiment made by Gandhi in India?

28648. A soil sample of mass specific gravity 1.92, has a moisture content 30%. If the specific gravity of solids is 2.75, the void ratio, is

28649. The ratio of the weight of water to the weight of solids in a given mass of soil, is known

28650. During seepage through a soil, direction of seepage is always

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