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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 608

30401. An immunosuppressant which is specific t-cell inhibitors?

30402. According to the theory of filtration in water treatment, which of the following mechanisms come into play when water is filtered through a filter bed ? 1. Mechanical straining 2. Capillary action 3. Centrifugal force 4. Electro kinetic phenomenon 5. Osmotic force 6. Bacteriological action Select the correct answer using the code given below :

30403. Number of milligrams of potassium hydroxide required to neutralize free acids & Saponify esters in 1 gram of fat is:

30404. A ball of mass 1 kg moving with a velocity of 2 m/s collides directly with a stationary ball of mass 2 kg and comes to rest after the impact. The velocity of the second ball after impact will be

30405. Part used to attack valve proper to aerosol container:

30406. Consider the following statements : In the critical path method of construction planning free float can be 1. greater than total float 2. greater than independent float 3. equal to total float 4. less than independent float. Of these statements :

30407. Standards for disinfectant coming under which schedule?

30408. In a cantilever beam, the bending moment at any section of the beam is equal to the

30409. Novocaine is the other name of:

30410. Which one of the following is the correct sound intensity expression with usual notations ?

30411. Presence or absence of functional group can be identified by the spectra:

30412. A three-hinged parabolic arch rib with hinges at abutments and at crown is under the action of uniformly distributed load 'W' per unit length over its entire span 'l' through its crown. The bending moment at quarter span is

30413. Warfarin displaced from site one of human serum albumin by:

30414. A bulldozer operates on a 30 m stretch and moves at 2.4 kmph when pushing the earth, and returns empty at 6 kmph. The time lost in loading and shifting gears per trip is 18 seconds. Its operating factor is nearly 50 min/hour. What is the number of trips made per hour ?

30415. Agent used as a contrast medium in the X-ray examination of gall bladder:

30416. In the case of panel wall subjected to horizontal loads at right angles to the plane of the wall, with the mortar not leaner than M1 type, tensile stress in bending in the vertical direction may be allowed to the extent of

30417. Biotin is:

30418. The 'Euler' load for a column is 1000 kN and crushing load is 1500 kN. The 'Rankine' load is equal to

30419. Most popular eye drop preservative:

30420. In "full face" method of constructing tunnel, the first operation relates to

30421. An example of pM indicator:

30422. Which one of the following statements best defines a 'level surface'?

30423. Solventshavebothprogenic & protophilic properties:

30424. In a shape test of aggregate, which one of the following gives the correct slot for flakiness index of a material passing 50 mm sieve and retained on 40 mm sieve ?

30425. The principle in HPTLc is:

30426. Ruling gradient on highways as per IRC in plane terrain is

30427. Antioxidants used for oil systems:

30428. For a symmetrical continuous beam as shown in the figure given above, which one of the following is correct in respect of distribution factors at B ?

30429. Mevalonic acid formation is catalysed by the enzyme:

30430. For the retaining wall shown in the given figure, if the stress at the heel is zero, then the maximum storage 'H' will be specific gravity of the material of the wall = 2.25

30431. Which computer programming language among the given is true object oriented programming language?

30432. A short column of external diameter D1 and internal diameter D2 carries an external load W. For no-tension condition, the eccentricity will be :

30433. Example for volatile memory:

30434. The following four hydrological features have to be estimated or taken as inputs before one can compute the flood hydrograph at any catchment outlet: 1. Unit hydrograph 2. Rainfall hydrograph 3. Infiltration index 4. Base flow The correct order in which they have to be employed in the computations is

30435. 1 Mb=

30436. Which one of the following statements is correct ? A forebay in a hydel system is provided at the junction of :

30437. ----------- is a device that converts the digital signals into analog and analog signals into digital

30438. Consider the following statements : Higher water-cement ratio in concrete results in 1. stronger mix. 2. better workable mix. 3. a weak mix. 4. less bleeding.

30439. Which one is not an output device?

30440. Which one of the following is not the reason for coning of wheels ?

30441. (37)10=(x)2:

30442. For a vertical stiffened web of a plate girder, the lesser clear dimension of the panel should not exceed :(Where t is the thickness of the web

30443. Solaris is a/an:

30444. Deck bridges have the main disadvantage that

30445. The first free web based email service is:

30446. Electrostatic precipitator is a device to control

30447. Malware is a:

30448. For carrying out bituminous patch work during the rainy season, the most suitable binder is

30449. Who invented the computer mouse in 1964?

30450. The vertices of an astronomical triangle would include

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